Geocaching Bicycle Touring Europe

 It’s actually quite obvious: touring, on a bicycle,across european countries,searching for geocaches all along the route.

Bicycle Touring is basically traveling long distances by bike (more than one day trip). There are many types of touring, but GBTE is a self-supported trip. That means carrying with me all that I need: camping gear, cooking gear, clothes and such.

I’m sure some of you may wonder what is this “geocaching” thing? Think of it as a real-life, modern-day treasure hunt. Geocachers (us, the players) use a GPS capable-device (dedicated GPS or a smartphone) in order to search and find the hidden containers (geocaches). The thrill of the game is not the content of the box (so there is no actual treasure), but rather in the chase, the hunt, the search, the mystery solving prior to the search, the awesome places you uncover and my favorite: discovering the creativity of the people that hid and built the caches.

If you need to learn more, feel free to contact me. I am always happy to talk about this and I would love to show you the game if we meet.

On a classic bike trip, from A to B, you would just need to find your way to the destination. No matter what road you choose, as long as it gets you there it’s ok. But in a GBT the whole route is planned according to the location of the geocaches I want, so any deviation from the planned track means having to skip some caches from the list. That is not acceptable when you have certain caches stored in your device and no access to internet.

But even more important is the fact that during this trip I’m targeting some very specific and important caches that I don’t want to skip. They are some of the “must have” of any geocacher 😀

Find out more about the geocaching aspects of GBTE2017

As cycling is concerned, because this is no regular bicycle tour, it’s not all about the distance and the time. In other words, even though I could cycle 200 km in a day… due to all the time dedicated to geocaching, I will not be attempting to break any speed records.

The whole idea is to go at a casual pace so I can enjoy the places I visit and the caches I find. To breathe the air and meet the people, to allow myself the luxury of travelling by bike, not racing against the clock.

Find out more about the cycling aspects of GBTE2017