Sounds nice, but is this thing safe?

So here I am, shouting about this amazing bike trip I am going to take, crossing 15 countries,  being away from home for more than 4 months, sleeping in the wild or at strangers,  searching for some hidden boxes in God knows what kind of places, climbing trees and rappelling down from bridges… all of this may sound extremely dangerous for some of you (while for others is a piece of cake).

For those who don’t know me that well,  I must start by saying I might be crazy, adventurous and with a head full of dreams but one thing I AM NOT is STUPID! I am not the kind of idiot to climb on a skyscraper and hang in one hand without any safety, just so I can get views on YouTube. I never take useless risks and I am always as safe as possible in the actions I take.

As far as cycling is concerned,

I’m not the first, the only, or the last person to be cycling alone! Some people travel the world by bike, so my nearly 7000 km trip is a breeze!

It might get lonely and it is a bit more risky than riding in a team, but there are also benefits!

From Denmark to France I know for a fact that I can find bike lanes 98% of the times (remember I’ve been there already). I know that is not the case as I head east, but then again, I’ve been riding most of my life on roads without bike lanes, so I have no problems with that.

Of course I will be wearing a helmet and hi-vis clothing and I also plan to have hi-vis panniers on the bike, so I should be quite visible 🙂

One other thing: my route is just a draft, and the list of caches are just a „wishlist”. I do not know when I will be at each of those caches or what changes I will make during the trip. I do not know yet where I will camp and I will make those information public only AFTER I am away from there (if I even do it at all).  In other words, one cannot really sneak up on me… unless they do that at one of my events, but those are in public area with people around.

In all my other trips I only met kind people or I had the luck to avoid the other kinds… so I do put my trust in the goodness of human beings.

Sleeping in the wild and at strangers…

Again, “been there, done that”, and so have many others all over the word. I am cycling in Europe, probably the best and safest place to be… Others have crossed Asia or India and that can be dangerous indeed. I have a good trust in people and I am always careful where I camp out or what hosts I choose from couchsurfing or warmshowers. These communities are build from people that both travel and host, there is a good and working reference system and plus I have “my gut”. If one host doesn’t feel right, I will not stay there, for sure!

The T5 climbing caches…

Probably the biggest concern of some of you is me doing all those T5 caches, climbing God-knows what and where…

The plan for this trip is that I will try and find (through the events I am hosting) local geocachers that could join me on these T5 caches. I am totally aware that it won’t be possible to find a partner for every single T5 I will attempt,  and that is where my backup plan comes in.

As I currently do, when I am attempting a T5 cache by myself,  I report to a friend my location. It works like this: I arrive at the cache, asses the climb, get everything ready, and just before ascending I send a text to my friend announcing my location (or GC code), and the fact that I am starting the ascent. I give him a time-frame depending on the difficulty of the cache. If the given time passes and he does not hear back from me, his instructions are to call me. If I do not pick-up he then calls 112, providing them with all the necessary info.

As you know, the best treatment is prevention so I will always asses the risks on the spot before trying a cache. I always do my best at not placing myself in danger and I proud myself of being safe at heights. I will check and double check each time before actually climbing or rappelling.

I have to mention that  I WILL SKIP A CACHE if I conclude that it’s too dangerous for me to do alone. Be certain that it’s far more important for me to finish this trip “in one piece” than to get all the caches I planned!

I do hope that sets your minds to peace a bit, but if you have further questions, I would be happy to have a conversation with you!

Let's talk!