It’s quite clear from the name of the trip that ”geocaching” is a huge part of this adventure. It’s what makes it different from any other bike trip, so I am happy that you want to learn more about this aspect.

I have learned a lot from my first GBTE and from the geocaching trips I’ve done in the two years that have passed since that. I cannot say I am comparing myself with those that have been doing this for 10 years or more, but I am at a decent level, I have a bit over 1900 finds, I have some hides of my own, I have a good understanding of the game and I’ve certainly done many different types of caches. That is to say, geocaching wise, I am much better prepared than 3 years ago.

So, now that I know what I am doing, I am actually choosing the caches I want on my trip. It’s not just passing through the countries and getting whatever caches are on the road, but instead, this time I have specific caches I want to get and so my itinerary is built and modified according to them.

HOWdo I choosethe caches?

HOW do I choose the caches?

  1. I started with a draft of the itinerary;
  2. I added all T5 climbing caches close to this itinerary;
  3. I added all the really old caches from the countries I am visiting;
  4. I added all the „Geocache of the Week” caches that are close to my route;
  5. I added the virtual and webcam caches in the area;
  6. I added all the caches with many favorite points along the way;
  7. I modify the draft itinerary according to the caches above and then
  8. add whatever other caches are directly on my route. Not necessarily special caches, just drive-by / park&grab caches to fill the gaps between the „selected caches”.

Unfortunately a bookmark list on cannot fit all the caches I have planned (my VGPS list on project GC has about 3000 caches) but you can feel free to check out the „special” ones I have there.

Also, you are more than welcome to send me more cache suggestions, or any other kind of advice you see fit. All your feedback is much appreciated!

View the bookmark list on

As a geocacher, you should know that this list will NEVER be FINISHED. It will always have its own dynamic: some caches get disabled, some get archived, new caches appear along the road… That is why this list and map will be continuously updated.

I have a route on viewranger and I am using that in parallel with the wonderful tools of project-GC to create my lists and modify the draft. only allows 1000 caches in a bookmark list, so in order to share them with you, I only add the special caches on that list. On the other hand, project-GC allows me to have 10.000 caches exported from Virtual GPS  into a GPX file, so I will use that in planning my full list.

GBTE2017 Meet&Greet Event Caches

One of the things I discovered after GBTE2014, is that geocaching has a very powerful and lovely social side. It became one of my greatest regrets that in my past bike trip I met just very few geocachers. Back then, I had no idea about event caches and so I never thought about hosting them in the places I’ve been cycling. As a result I only crossed paths with very few people that share this passion of mine, and even that was just by accident.

On the other hand, this time it will be a lot different. This time I am making events because I want to meet you! I want to share a few moments with the people that made those lovely caches I found (or will find), the people who enjoy searching the hidden treasures and maybe, hopefully, also enjoy cycling.

There will be an event at THE START of GBTE2017, one event AT THE FINISH, and many events along the way. It’s going to be great!

GBTE2017Meet&GreetEvent Caches

Along the way, I will most likely host events in the cities where I will also sleep, so it might be an evening event (on my arrival) or a morning one (before heading out). That is not really easy to determine so early before the trip, but be sure to follow my updates and see where we can meet. On the map you can find some possible event locations, just so you can make an idea. As soon as the events are scheduled, they will be added to my existing Event Bookmark List and of course they will be announced on my website.



Yes, of course, as many other geocachers around the world, I will be trackable.

In 2014 I had a TB sticker on my helmet and it was dedicated to this trip (you can find the TB here and look at its map to see the caches I found).

Just the same, GBTE2017 will have its own trackable, visititing every cache on this trip (including DNFs) so that it records my movements exactly 😀 (it will be activated on June 31, 2017) .

The bike will also be trackable, so if by any chance you see it parked somewhere and I am not around, I would love to see your logs and maybe photos. Don’t be shy!

If you will attend any of my events, you will see that my „Event Logbook” is another trackable you can discover.

Logging my finds during GBTE2017

Because I am going to make such a big trip this summer, and I am going to find so many caches, some of you might be worried that I am going to do just one huge copy/paste log or make compromises in my logging.


I will always take my time to properly sign a logbook

without leaving empty pages

I will write individual, thoughtful online logs for all my finds

using the following template:

LOGGINGmy findsduring GBTE2017

  1. First heading: a short general introduction of my trip (most likely including a link to this website);
  2. Second heading: a general log of the day;
  3. Third heading: particular info about the given cache I am logging;
  4. Closing words, as usual: the number, the date and the time of the find (maybe also the number of finds since the trip started).

I do hope this type of logging will please everyone. In case it is not clear, heading #2 will change daily and heading #3 is the one that is going to be different for every single find. It will be full of information and impressions about the given cache, if the find is a special one (fortunately I have many of those on my planned list). But I must also say, as I currently do, if a cache is basic,  park and grab or there is absolutely nothing special about it, the third header might be very short.