Yes, this is a BIKE tour, but keep in mind it’s no ordinary one. It’s not just about traveling, it’s not just about cycling statistics, it’s more about the places I visit and most of all about the geocaches I find; it’s about the climbing, the search and of course the people I meet.

But if the cycling aspects are what interests you more, look at it from this point of view: it’s going to be a 7000* km bike trip across 15 european countries, starting from Denmark, going all the way south to Andorra and then to Romania.

My trip will take me and my bike to heights of about 2400 m and, at a pace of almost 50 km/day (due to the stops for geocaches and time spent climbing), I estimate it will take approximately 5 months from start to finish.

* the overall distance is only an estimation, of course.


I will be enjoying the bike lanes through the South of Denmark, crossing over to Germany and from there to Netherlands and Belgium, just like in 2014. Then, instead of going straight down through France, I will head west, to LondonI always wanted to visit UK – and  return to France on my way to Andorra and Spain. After a very brief visit next to the border of Spain, I will return in France to visit the lovely Avignon again, before crossing over to Italy.  I will make my way towards San Marino, before heading for SloveniaCroatia and Serbia. As a last addition to my list, I choose to cycle a bit through Bulgaria also, just before entering my home-country, Romania.


The track above is the planned itinerary.

The current route is made according to the places I want to visit, the caches I want to take and also the hosts that are welcoming me into their home for a night or more (see ”Sleeping arangements” at the bottom of this page). During the trip you will be able to see an updated map of my journey. Be sure to follow my updates!

BIKE and gear

BIKEand gear

Two years ago, for GBTE2014, I made myself a custom trailer and placed almost everything inside. I ended up hauling about 60 kg of cargo and I got to see first hand what it’s like to travel long distances with a trailer instead of having bags on the bike (like in any other previous trip of mine). The bike I used in 2014 was in quite a bad shape after the end of the trip. I donated it to a good friend of mine and he gave it a brand new face, brought it back to life and is now using it happily.  The trailer is also out of commission, so for this future trip I have to get myself a new vehicle.

Having a trailer for all the luggage has its advantages, but when GBTE2014 was over, I told myself „next time you take panniers, not a trailer”. Yes, it is nice that by using a trailer you can just leave it at the camp site and use the bike to go around places, but on the road, especially for a geocaching trip it’s much better if you are on 2 wheels only, so you can squeeze into different places and on small paths.

So I am now in search of a good touring bike… As soon as I have updates, I will post them here 🙂

Sleeping arrangements

In June 2014, just before the trip, I found out for the first time about Couchsurfing, this free hosting service for travelers. The idea is very simple and very efficient: people around the world offer their extra room, their couch or even the floor to travelers that are looking for a place to spend the night.

It is a great way to meet people and have a nice, cheap vacation. I used it on my previous GBTE and had 2 hosts in Germany. It was wonderful to have a nice bed to rest my tired body.

This year I had also the opportunity to host a few people so I got the chance to experience the other side of couchsurfing 😀 and I met some wonderful people in the process!

On the same idea of free hosting there’s also Warmshowers which is directed towards cyclists, unlike couchsurfing, which is for everybody.

On this thought, it is probably the best option for me because on you have cyclists hosting other cyclists. Who better to understand what you need and what’s it like on the road, than someone that shares your hobby and had similar experiences? And the name of the site is awesome! We all know just how good a warm shower is after a few days on the road. Bliss!

So far I’ve never used warmshowers as a guest, but last year I had the lovely opportunity to host 2 awesome cyclists from France. We stayed in touch and I am going to visit them during GBTE2017.

So there you have it: I will try my best to spend as many nights with hosts, rather than carrying a tent. Of course this means I will have to do a lot of planning and host searching before and during the trip, but the advantage is that I will sleep comfortably and have a place to shower at least every now and then. That would be awesome!

On top of that, I will have my hammock and tent with me for the nights when I cannot find a host or I just want to sleep in the open-air. It’s so fun to be spending the nights under the stars.

Can you host me?

If you are a couchsurfer, a member of warmshowers community or just someone that would be interested in hosting me somewhere along my route I would really apreciate it. I would love to meet you and I promise to bring good stories to tell and tones of good mood!

I am really easy going and just need a place to sleep (even a floor is good) and shower; if you are a busy person, it’s ok because I will probably be arriving in the evening/night and leave next day in the morning so you do not need to bother too much for me. Let’s talk!