After my first attempt, in 2014, it was clear to me that when I am going to try this again, I will have to start much earlier with the planning and the preparations for the road, that I have to take all that I have learned in the past trip and in the following years to make this new one the most amazing GBT yet.

So I started one year before the departure date, drawing out the most daring travel plan I had so far: the plan for #GBTE2017.

What's different from 2014?

First of all, this time, for sure, I will no longer cycle like a mad-man for 3 days without sleep nor will I rush to get somewhere. This time we take it slow. Yes, WE, because I am taking all of you with me! Probably that is the major change from the previous GBTE. Now I have social media, now I will have an updated website. This summer you will be able to follow me on facebook and instagram.

I will have mobile data this time so I can keep you updated and keep in touch with everybody. Being alone on the road can be so boring, but having you along my side is going to make the trip easier. YOU are my motivation builder when I feel down or tired, YOU are a big part of this trip, even if you know it or not!

Also by having access to the internet I can geocache better than just using my offline caches, I can and I will host geo-events in the cities where I will be stopping by, I will be able to meet locals and share geocaching experiences. On top off all that, this time I will target specific caches, because now I know much more about the game.

In 2014 I had a bike + home built trailer, but in 2017 I plan to only have the bike for the whole baggage… A touring bike with front and back panniers is the current plan…

Also, this time I will try to find hosts on couchsurfing and warmshowers, so good night sleep more often.

The plan for GBTE2017 doesn’t include any cars or trains; it’s just me and my bike, on the road for as much as it takes! (but I will have to take some boats here and there)

Yes, this time is going to be EPIC!

What'sdifferent from2014?

Whatmakes this tripunique?

What makes this trip unique?

A guy, getting on a bike, going to cycle (insert distance) kilometers. No big deal! Many have done it, many are currently doing it and many will do it! We each have our own life, we are all different, so no two travel plans will ever be alike.

This is not just a long cycling trip. No, this is a geocaching bike trip. And it’s not just any geocaching bike trip, going anywhere and getting any box… it is a journey that targets specific geocaches and specific places.

This summer’s adventure, a.k.a GBTE2017, involves:

  • cycling through 15 countries,
  • climbing trees and towers or other man-made structures,
  • rappelling off cliffs, bridges and into old bunkers,
  • doing some via ferrata routes in search for the T5 caches (so yes, I will also carry climbing gear on my bike);
  • hosting events to meet people and share experiences,
  • also meeting people through couchsurfing and warmshowers,
  • visiting webcam caches and virtual caches. And speaking of that, I am also targeting the old caches and the most popular ones…  and I plan to get some Geo-Art on my map…


So you see, it is not just about cycling from A to B, from Denmark to Romania, but it is about everything in between. It is about the road I choose and the stops I make; it’s about the people I meet and the places I get to see.

I do not know of anybody ever doing something like this, but if there is, I would love to meet him or her!

I’m still in the planning process, so nothing is final yet. That being said, the numbers you see at the top of the page are merely just estimations I made. I might cycle even more, or faster, or slower… everything can change during the trip. But do not worry, the website will be continuously updated, so if you wanna keep tabs on this, just follow the website, or the facebook page.

The number of caches estimated (2000) is a nice round number that looks good to statistics… maybe a minimum that I would like to find on this trip. Truth is so far I have more than 3000 caches on my lists, but that number is also irelevant. I care more about the quality than the quantity. That is to say, I might choose to skip caches that are not „special” 🙂 Click the links bellow for more info and make sure to follow the updates 😉