G(B)TE 2014 (after Day 16)

The story goes on…

After 16 days on the road I finally reached France and I was now in Besançon.  It was here that I had a moment to clear my mind and decide what I am going to do next. Adi was here on vacation, returning to Romania by car in August… Yes, he was my back-up plan from the start. After thoroughly analyzing the entire situation I decided to stop cycling at this point and continue my summer adventure by other means of transportation.

The decision I made was a very rational one. First of all, because the whole trip was on the spur of the moment, I only had time to plan for half of the route. To put it in different words: if I was to continue cycling I had to spend some time planning a new route and making geocache lists for the rest of the trip. That meant time spent online instead of enjoying the places I was in.. Also my bike was in serious need of some maintenance before hitting the road again.

So instead of doing all of that I could use all time to enjoy France.

By not cycling to South France of course I was missing many many nice places and nice caches along the way but I was also winning more time spent in Avignon and also I got to experience, for the first time in my life, hitchhiking… Many people travel like that all over the  world… I had to try it at least once, and this was the perfect moment.

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