General questions

This scenario happened more than once:

I plan to go on a 7000 km bike trip next year, through 15 countries.
– Oh, nice! So how many are you in this group?

Aaaa… one?!

Yes, there is no group to start with, it is just me :D.


So far I haven’t found someone willing to join me for such a long bike trip, but the position is available if you are interested both in geocaching and cycling.

Yes, you must be someone passionate about both of these sports, because otherwise the trip becomes boring quite fast for you. A cyclist would just want to ride without stopping so much, and a geocacher would prefer taking a car or other means of transportation… and then find maybe 10 times more caches in the same amount of time.

Of course, even if I am going alone the whole trip, I would love it if I could share at least some parts of the road with other cyclists going the same way. Or with locals that want to cycle by my side as I pass through their city. It would be so awesome!

With that in mind, do not hesitate to contact me and we will figure out how / where we can meet 🙂 .

No, I am Radu! 😀

For those of you who don’t know me that well,  I must start by saying I might be crazy, adventurous and with a head full of dreams but one thing I AM NOT is STUPID! I am not the kind of idiot to climb on a skyscraper and hang in one hand without any safety, just so I can get views on YouTube. I never take useless risks and I am always as safe as possible in the actions I take

  • I love to travel and I love the freedom of bike touring!
  • I want to promote cycling as an alternative to cars for long distance travels;
  • I want more people to find out about geocaching;
  • I want people that already know about geocaching to see how well this activity connects with cycling and couchsurfing;

This time I am really not going to repeat the same mistakes as in 2014. This time I am going to keep a daily activity on social media, so you will all be updated with my location, pictures from the places I see, you will find out about the geocaches I visit. I will even try to log the caches as soon as I find them, instead of wasting more precious time in the evenings.

As for posting on the blog, no I do not think I will do that daily. I will keep a diary, a handwritten one. I got the taste of it in the last days of GBTE2014 and I want to do it properly this time. Call me melancholic, but I miss the handwritten stuff 😛 Let’s forget about the digital world for a while.

Lars, a friend of mine from Munkebo, asked me last year at „The end of GBTE2014” if I am going to write a book. At that time I didn’t even considered the possibility… but with this trip, I just might… who knows. It all depends on you!

You are awesome! Thank you very much!

Every little bit of helps. Starting from a „Hey, good luck” message, to a share and a like on social media and all the way to maybe a big sponsorship, every kind of feedback and encouragement is more than welcome.

If you are interested to find out more about this, visit the Support me! page and feel free to contact me.

Cycling and Itinerary questions

There are many factors that shaped the itinerary this way. The main idea is to go from Denmark to Romania by bike. But I want to do that by visiting as many countries as possible to get many different caches and of course the country souvenirs (so I only „bite” a bit of Andorra and Spain, just enough to find a cache or two).

I want to get as many of the special caches as possible, visit places I always wished to see (like London), visit friends and family (UK, France, Italy), empty a country of all the caches (San Marino), and get at least one complete Geo-Art.

Before my final destination, I want to cycle through Bucharest, so that is why I choose to go on EuroVelo6 and through Bulgaria, instead of entering the country from the west.

These are a few of the reasons that shaped the route this way.

I will try to spend as many night as possible with hosts found on and, but I will also use a tent, hammock and even sleep under the open sky.

If you live somewhere nearby my route and are willing to host me for a night, or maybe you have a friend or a relative living in one of the cities that I am passing by, feel free to contact me. I would love to meet you!

At this moment I do not have a proper bike for this trip, but I am working on getting one.

Well, a full list of the gear will be available before the trip, but so far I can just tell you just about a few things.

Besides the clothing and the bike tools I will also be carrying my climbing gear (for all those T5 caches) and some „special tools” for the caches that require that, some small geocache container and promotional materials (banner for the events).

This is a feature I would like to implement, yes.

At this moment I made a custom map on google where you can see

  1. a layer with the draft of the route;
  2. a layer containing the possible Geo-Event locations;
  3. a layer with the „Live Track” of the trip;

On this Google Map the „Live Track” is basically a bunch of check points that I will add from my phone during the trip, according to where I am and what was memorable there. When I get to a computer I can add photos and videos in each marker and some other tiny customization possibilities. In other words, it does not track automatically my position, but I have to „check in” myself.

There will be some kind of progress markers on a map, and with the help of Project-GC I am trying to make that a reality I am also considering the „buddy beacon” from viewranger, but I am yet to figure out if I can make that work.

I opened to suggestions if you have any 🙂

Geocaching questions

I have some very specific caches I want to attempt, like the very old ones, T5 climbing caches, virtual and webcam caches, and of course those with many Favorite Points.

As usual in my trips, I will be taking Travel Bugs and Geo Coins only if I can help them in their mission. I do not plan to stock up on trackables and carry those that just need „to travel from cache to cache” with no mission.

Also I will have my on tracking code and other trackables that all of you can discover at the events or if we meet somewhere 😀

There will be an event at THE START, one event AT THE FINISH, and many events along the way. It’s going to be great!

As you should know, it is not quite a rule, but more like an official advice from NOT to hide caches while you travel far away from home because you cannot do maintenance.

So, NO, I will most likely not hide any new caches during my trip.

I might help other players hide caches of their own, but that is a different thing.