What canI OFFER?

Here are some idea of what I can offer you, but we can always discuss other arrangements:

  • your company logo on my website, on my bike and cycle jersey;
  • your logo on the Event Banner of this trip (the banner that will be hung at all the events I host across Europe);
  • mentions in social media sharing and posts;
  • custom post (advertorial) on the blog or other custom requests.

If you would like your company name to be associated with this trip, I will proudly take it all over Europe.  If you have a product for me to test during the trip I would be happy to use it and write a review about my experience while using it.

Let’s talk and see how we can help each other!

Contact me!

What doI NEED?

  • customized clothing;
  • camping stuff – I have tent, foam mattress and sleeping bag, but some lighter ones, would be awesome;
  • cooking gear – I have some already, from my past trips, but a better (smaller, more compact) is always welcome;
  • I am also hunting T5 caches, and that involves climbing gear. I have all that I need in this field, but if your company wants me to try out and review their products, I will gladly do it! So anything related to climbing  (especially tree climbing) would be great;
  • also in handy would be some geocaching materials for replacing possible broken containers and wet logs;
  • I have the camera, but I do require some GoPro Hero 3 accessories (frame and lens cap, bike mounts, somebody recommended a gimbal and that would be awesome);

Yeah, it seems like a big list, but I must say that I already have most of the necessary stuff. They are not top brand products or high end quality, but I can manage. In other words, what I am trying to say is that GBTE2017 will take place NO MATTER WHAT. It does not depend only on donations or sponsorship. I do work for a living and have some savings… It’s just so much better if I am not doing this alone, but have someone backing me up, following me.

Still, the most important thing is that I need YOU! All of you, my friends and friends of friends, strangers or acquaintances. If you like me, or you like my trip, the idea behind it and what I am trying to do, please follow me on facebook, instagram, youtube and here on my page. All your feedback is much appreciated, every like and share is important. Join my events all over Europe and let’s meet!