Radu, the cyclist

I still remember my childhood trike and my neighbor’s small bike on which I first learned how to keep my balance on 2 wheels. When I grew old enough to have an ID card and some money of my own I bought my first bike and it was the best investment I ever made.

Ten years later, just before the major change of my life: moving to Denmark, I decided to give my bike away. It was nothing planned… it just happened. I found the opportunity to help someone in need, and it just felt the right thing to do. In fact, I wrote on my old blog a short story about the entire life of my first bicycle.

I’ve always loved bicycles but I was never really passionate about sports, races, BMX tricks or extreme downhill… To be honest, when we were kids these things were not in vogue… only as I grew older they became „a thing” in my country also… But I never felt the urge to do it… it was just not for me. On the other hand, my passion for bike trips was constant and I used every opportunity to travel on bike. In a time when bike lanes were just a dream, in a country where people consider cycling on the roads a dangerous act, I was the one taking my bike everywhere.

Unlike other boys, I have never been mesmerized by automobiles. I still have problems guessing car brands 🙂 . Whilst all my friends were eager to reach 18 years so they can get the driver license, I got mine much later, only when I needed it for work. I never owned a car and I only see the automobile as a tool, something to help you carry more stuff. I always have and probably always will judge a vehicle by its utility. For example if you make me chose between a convertible and a van, I will choose the van! Can you just imagine how many bikes you can carry with a van compared to a convertible? 😀

At this moment it really makes me sad to hear people say „it is too far to cycle there” or „yes, you can do it because you are in shape”. No! Almost anybody can do it! I am not a professional cyclist. I am just a normal guy, as regular as can be, a guy that just likes to travel places by bike. I never had a top level bike or state-of-the-art gear or clothing or anything. What I am trying to say is that anyone of you could do this! It only takes will power!

Radu, the geocacher

From 2014 I was introduced to the wonderful world of geocaching and since then all my bike trips became Geocaching Bike Trips (GBT)

  • Feb 24, 2014: first cache found GC2C3JY;
  • Nov 16, 2014: my first hidden cache: GC5GG0J;
  • Feb 24, 2015: reached the „600 finds” milestone (GC3TQP6) and found my first T5 cache (GC2BDGN);
  • Sep 25, 2015: reached the „1000 finds” milestone (GC4YXQ0);
  • Feb 24, 2016: reached 1200 finds;
  • May 21, 2016: Closed my D/T matrix for the first time. The last combination needed was: GC643FC;
  • Oct 08, 2016: reached the „2000 finds” milestone (GC16HFA);
  • Mar 17, 2017: Closed the D/T matrix for the second time. The last combination needed was: GC6Z6CW
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Radu, the geocacher

From 2014 I was introduced to the wonderful world of geocaching and since then all my bike trips became Geocaching Bike Trips (GBT)

What this means is that on every single bike trip I do now, I plan the route according to the caches on the way.
I was still a novice in 2014 when I did the first GBTE, but now, after a full year of geocaching in 2015 and some quite nice milestones reached both in 2015 and 2016, I can say I am a much better player.

But it’s not only about cycling. I simply cannot imagine traveling anywhere without finding at least a cache.
Geocaching just fits perfect with my outdoor spirit and natural (sometimes overwhelming) curiosity.

In the picture you can see me with my dear friend Kenneth (29kenneth), with whom I usually go out geocaching while I am in Denmark. Together we had some awesome trips and found some amazing geocaches, like the one you can see in the photo.

After (exactly) one year of geocaching I did my first T5 cache. I loved climbing even before learning about geocaches, so you can imagine I just love T5 climbing caches. I am not that good with T5 that involves water, but if it’s climbing gear… I’m in! It’s been about 2 years and a half since my first one, and I currently found more than 300 T5 caches… Still looking for more!