Well, my friends, great news! The coin is ready and has been delivered to me while I was on the road… somewhere in France! Thank you Nicolas for help with that, for hosting me and allowing the package to be sent to your address, for taking the trip to the post office and for all you kindness!

And here they are:

That is absolutely awesome news for me because I was really looking forward to see them. And I am super happy about the result! Also I love that each and every one comes in it’s very own little zip-lock bag, to kep thinks neat and clean and dry.

Would you like one?

As you could read in the previous post, these coins are available for sale at a price of 10 EUR (75 DKK, 9 GBP) or as much as you would like to give to the budget of this tour. Any little donation is much appreciated and will be used wisely during the trip for food and/or accomodation 🙂

Best and fast way to get a coin is to come to one of my future events (check a list here), or meet me on the road somewhere… Fast and easy! Get in touch with me either through a comment here, or via the different methods on the contact page.

At this moment the limited stock of 100 pieces has about 60 coins remaining, so be sure to notify me in time, before they run out 😀 (if you are not already on my list)