With just a few hours until my departure, I feel like there are still many things I have to do. Truth is that I have been really busy with work in the last months. In fact I just came back from a job yesterday, leaving me with only one day to prepare, pack and attend the evening event: GC72QMG.

Being so busy, it was quite challenging to find time for trip planning and preparing. Luckily I did most of the route and geocache planning at the beginning of this year, when I had a bit more free time, but I still had to get a bike and bags and customize it and get it ready.

That “problem” got solved in the best way possible: I found a sponsor that offered me a fully equipped bicycle, customized to my liking and needs.

It’s thanks to my good friend Andrei that I came in contact with Sicatech A/S, and it’s thanks to awesome people like Jørgen and Bente that I now have a bike to ride on my geocaching tour across Europe.

And when I say a fully equipped bike I mean:

  • Cube Travel Exc 2016,
  • Ortlieb High Visibility panniers and handlebar bag,
  • specialized Chamonix  hi-viz helmet,
  • Garmin Oregon 750T GPS,
  • USB-werk hub charger with buffer battery pack,
  • spare tubes, spare wheel spokes and a spare derailleur hanger.

And also thanks to them I had the opportunity to customize my T-shirts for this trip in a sort of DIY kinda way. It was really fun to do so and I am really happy about it.

All of this has been a major help for me, not just financially speaking, but also time-saving. Having received a bike almost ready to go, meant I had more time to focus on other things regarding the trip and also on my work.

I’ve been told I work too much, and that is crazy to be working all the way up to my departure, but I do love my job and I get to work with some amazing people in sometimes awesome places… Also, keep in mind that for the next 5 months I will be on the road, cycling across 15 countries, spending money not earning it, so I think it’s quite balanced.

Again, big THANK YOU SICATECH! And thank you Jørgen!