From today we make a change! A March 11 change: „Geocaching Bike Trip across Europe” becomes Geocaching Bicycle Touring Europe

And now a bit about the reasons behind my decision (you know me,  I always like to explain 😀 )

Three years ago, when I first decided to go on a big bike trip (remember I had done some smaller ones before, but never crossing borders to a different country), I was a rookie, I was just going with the flow. I had some Geocaching Bike Trips before and just decided to stick to that name. But it was wrong.

Geocaching is still geocaching. No need to change that, and it has to state the most obvious fact: I am and will be geocaching wherever I go.

But ”Bike”? It gets confused really often with motorbike. I was telling someone about #GBTE2017 and the answer was something like: ”Oh, what motor do you have?” Apparently it’s much easier to imagine doing 7000 km on a motorbike :P. Of course, someone that knows me, can easily understand what I mean, but for someone I just met, or someone that reads about this for the first time, it can be confusing. So let’s remove the confusion, it is a bicycle, a regular two-wheel-human-powered vehicle 🙂

Then, I really must point out that this is not a Trip! I am not going to the supermarket or to the next town… It is a tour, a bicycle tour. It’s being on the road, self supported, with a loaded bike, away from home (wherever that is), for a couple of months in a row. This activity is called Bicycle Touring. so why should I call mine a trip?

Lastly, I decided to give up the ”across” or ”around” because, well, it’s not quite across, and its not completely around… So… Yeah!

Plus, most importantly, at some point I might decide to cross the ocean and go Geocaching Bicycle Touring in the United States, or Canada… or maybe go east? *or maybe south to Africa? Australia sounds awesome also! You get the idea!

Some suggested to call it Geocaching Bicycle Touring Extreme, because of all the T5 caches I am searching…. but I don’t know… it kinda sounds like the Touring part is Extreme, as in touring the North Pole…Which is not the case 😛

So there you have it: Geocaching Bicycle Touring: Europe

or we can go crazy and mix it up: Geocaching Bicycle, Touring Europe. :))

At this moment there are 3 months, 20 days, 2 hours and 25 minutes until my departure… but who’s counting?