Every since I started geocaching I’ve been telling people about this activity so they could at least understand what I am doing, if not even join the fun as well. During the past few months,  as the plan for my trip came into shape, the most obvious subject of discussion is GBTE. Everybody I meet will eventually find out about my trip and the particularities of it.

Usually the feedback I get is pretty normal. People are surprised but not over the top. On one hand you have those that know me already, my friends, those that heard about my first bike trip to France and are no longer overwhelmed.  They are still happy for me, but they are also used to my being crazy, so it just comes naturally.

Then you have those people (a few, fortunately) that are almost indiferent, or neutral to the news. They usually give a shallow answer and thus make me wanna change the subject.

On the other end you have people that get really excited about the whole story, from the very first details they hear. They are energetic, they are curious to hear more and they are sincere in their excitement. I don’t even get to tell the whole story before questions start to pop. They truly want to learn more and their enthusiasm is utterly contagious. It’s this kind of feedback that makes me even more eager to get started! It tops up my batteries and make me super energetic and full of life, no matter what may have happened before that.

I remember one day at the dentist, not long ago… At the end of the session we were talking about future appointments and I mentioned about being away for the summer, cycling. Both my doctor and the nurse were so enthusiastic about the news and wanted to know more and asked for details and came up with suggestions. It was so refreshing!  The same thing happened just the other day. I was driving home with my friends Trine and Flemming and the conversation in the car reached this subject. They were also very excited about my trip, about geocaching and all of it. We actually stopped on the highway and found a cache. It was such a great evening!

These were just recent examples, but I am proud to have many other friends supporting me and my trip. I am writing this not to put the spotlight on someone, but because YOU are a big part of my trip. I know for a fact that if I was to cycle all alone and with no one knowing, or supporting me, I would not make it the first 1000 km.

GBTE is not just about cycling and geocaching,

its also a lot about the people I meet, about the people I interact with,

old and new friends and acquaintances.

That is why I have a facebook page, that is why I will be on warmshowers and couchsurfing (no, it’s not just for the free hosting, it’s for meeting the people also!), that is why I am struggling with a calendar to plan and host events and that is why I am taking some detours from my route.

As you know I have a support page, for donations and such, but the truth is I care more about the friendships I build rather that the money raised. As long as I have you, my friends, I could go on this trip with empty pockets!

Therefore, I cannot end this without shouting out a big, fat THANK YOU!! Thank you for all your support, for all your kind words, for your enthusiasm and for simply being there! You are awesome! Don’t ever forget that!