GBTE2014 took place because I acted on the spur of the moment… The idea came to mind and then I made it happen! I love these moments of madness when I just go with my gut…. just as it happened this Thursday when I cycled 67 km in about 4 hours, after a 10h working day… Yes, that is one madness that not many people would try, especially since the next day I had to be up at 5:00 for another workday 😀

This week I was again on Sjaelland for work, the only difference this time being the fact that I was spending my nights in Haslev. After 2 days driving there and back with Jacob, here came the idea: what if I went by bike one day? In fact, one of the first things I did after I got there the first night, was to check the map and see just how far is it from  my workplace: 61 km by car. Oh how lovely that is! It is so close to the average I would like to do each day on GBTE2017. Also, close to this route I had traditional caches, multi-caches,  mystery, a T5 and a webcam… perfect fit with my plan for GBTE2017! Perfect! This would be indeed a #trainingforGBTE 😀 Since my last night here was going to be Thursday night, that had to be the day for the trip.

The day went quite normal: I woke up at 5.30 (a bit later than usual), started work at 7:00 finished a bit after 17:00… packed my bag quickly and off I was, on my friend’s bike… Since I”ve been here for the past month every week from Monday to Friday, a friend borrowed me his bike so I can move around with more ease. It’s not the best of bikes, but it works… definitely not one you would consider for a long trip… but the madman is a madman…It was the only one I had so it had to do 😀

Soon after I left I noticed my back tire was a bit low on air but I kept going, hoping it will be OK. Then, as I was passing by lidl I saw they have a “free air pump” outside. In Odense, here and there, you can find air compressors, to inflate your wheels for free. Here they had a foot pump stand so I stopped and tried to inflate my wheel. Struggled a bit with the stupid pump but the only thing it managed to do was actually to take more air our of my tire… Now that was bad!! I went into the shop but they had no bike pumps for sale… so I began to walk along side my bike… hoping to find a shop or a cyclist with a pump…

After walking for a while I saw this bike shop that was seconds away from closing for the day… The guy was packing everything in so I asked nicely if he could help. Like many other bike shops across the country, they had a compressor hose outside so I managed to properly inflate my wheels. Tusind tusind tak Sorico Cykler!



Now that the mood improved, I told my gps to take me to the first important cache on the list: GCMAC9 – the only Webcam cache in Denmark that I didn”t find yet (there are 4 in total)

I was really happy I got there while there was still some light outside, so I could do what the cache asked: sit in the Phoon position and take a photo from the webcam feed 🙂



The next important cache was the T5 cache… that is also a cache I prefer to do before the night falls, so I only stopped at a few others on the way. After 3 more finds and one DNF, I arrived at the coordinates for the tree climb.


Finding the tree was easy enough and after a few turns around it I could also see the container and make a plan for ascending. Quite easy grab: ”first shot first kill”, rope up in the tree, me up on the rope, logbook signed, some selfies taken, then back to the ground to pack everything. 20 minutes all together: easy!

Too bad the cache is not is such a good shape, but fortunately I came here in the dry season.. so the logbook was not soaked 🙂

After this was done I took the decision not to go for the D5/T5 challenge I had planned because that would be a waste of time. It is a challenge that requires users to have a full matrix before logging it…. but even if it is rated as T5 it’s in fact just a T1,5.  I HATE when people do that!!!! If it really was a T5 cache I would have made the detour tonight… but given the fact that is was not and the night was falling on me, I decided to go straight towards my destination…

20160915_220054Although I had more caches on my list for the trip, I only searched for one more before turning in for the night; one just close to my accommodation… It’s called Center Sjaelland.. Now, if it is really the center or not, I do not know, but I wanted this cache because it was the nearest place where I could put a smiley face on the map.


At 22:37, after 67.82 km cycled between Bispebjerg (Copenhagen) and Haslev (Faxe Kommune), after finding 1 webcam cache, 1 t5 and 4 traditional caches, I arrived at my hosts … That was just 37 min later than what I anticipated and many caches less than I had initially planned.


I said this was really similar to any given day for GBTE2017 because of the distance cycled and the types of caches found…. but, then again, I skipped many of the drive-by caches because I was trying to get to my host faster… Is that also similar to what’s going to happen during GBTE2017??

Definitely not!! Keep in mind that I was now cycling after a full day at work, and had to wake up again early next day. In other words, I had to be fast so I can get some hours of sleep. Also, I did 67 km in about 4,5 h but the estimation for GBTE2017 is for an entire day :). That is a lot more time to spend on caches. All the caches I skipped were aither on the wrong side of the road, or hard to get in the dark, but during the trip next year I will not be cycling in the night and I will definitely have time to cross the street for a cache. 😀

As I said before, the most important thing about my trip next year, is to take it nice and slow, to give myself time for the caches, to enjoy the places I am going through. To get to my events and hosts on time, without rushing. This trip was important as a #trainingforGTBE to show that if I NEED TO rush at some point, then I CAN do it…

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Here is the workout on endomondo: