I told you not long ago that I never get bored, I always find things to do, right?
Well, during my last two days in Avignon, besides trying to finish finding all the caches available nearby, I also helped Silviu with some things around the house.
Speaking about caches… in the end I didn’t manage to find all of them, so I must return sometime to do that. Some might think I intentionally did that, just to have a reason to return… Gossip 😀 !
Ok, so, in Avignon I helped Silviu mount some light fixtures in the apartment, a shelf for the printer and an improvised  kitchen utensils holder. We also „pimped” the curtains supports and kinda fixed the couch.  I am glad I could help and also I am glad I had the chance to work in France a bit more 😀



Day 31 – I left Avignon and took a car ride back to Pouilley-les-Vignes. This time I used covoiturage (bla-bla car) because I needed to get there fast, and hitchhiking, although free and exciting, was a bit uncertain… I mean I have no idea when I would get there… it’s just a variable 😀



That dessert in the above picture comes in a plastic cup, like yogurt. It just has a foil on the bottom, covering a small hole. Open the cup, put it on a plate upside down and then remove the foil from the bottom. Air goes in through the little hole while you pick up the cup, and so the content comes out looking like this. Nice! They call it flombi… or flombie... or something. I have no idea how to type it 🙂
Getting back here I had things to do also… work I mean 😀 Perfect! I helped Adi work on his car (pretty important thing he manage to fix: the clutch! Can’t leave home without it! No, really! 😀 ) and then got some work on the camper (trailer). Yes, I was now the proud owner of a camper trailer… But I had to fix the lights and mount the bike so that it is out of the way.



Among the things done while I was here, two were important: I went to decathlon because my scooter was not working properly. They tried to fix it but ended up refunding me, so I no longer have a scooter 🙁 . And the other thing was to contact gopro.com regarding my camera. Silviu gave me the idea, but I couldn’t do it when I was in Avignon, because I didn’t had the camera with me. Now That I got back here where the camera was, I could contact tech service. They replied quite fast and set a pick-up date via DHL.
So, with all the loose ends tied, the car fixed, the trailer ready and the bags packed… we were all set to go home.

The road was… well, a road trip from A to B, with just a few stops along the way. Not a Geocaching Road Trip, there was no time for that now.



The first day, since we were now with a camper trailer, we stopped at a camping in Austria, near the Danube, in the city of Marbach. Oh, finding this camping was a real challenge, but we got there in good time. What I loved the most was the free WiFi! I could finally search for some caches!



Yes, there were a few nearby… but I only had time to search for one, and boy what an adventure that was!
It was close to the camping so I decided to walk there in my slippers, thinking it’s easy… Bad idea… I had to go through some really tough terrains, I slipped, I crawled, I’ve fallen, I got dirt in my shoes, got many many scratches on my legs and arms,  lost one slipper, got it back…Oh!  And you can see just how high the cache place was… I had to climb after all of that.. So, this one was great! 😀



I also used this opportunity of having WiFi to store some caches on the highway to home… Just in case we stop at any of them. That way, on bathroom breaks and resting breaks,  I did manage to find two more before getting home.


18:55 – on Aug 05, 2014 we were entering Romania through Borș (not to be confused with Borșa, which is in a totally different part of the country)



The second and last night on the road, we stopped at a guesthouse somewhere between Oradea and Aleșd. We enjoyed a nice dinner and then went to bed. Unfortunately no working WiFi here, so no caches… that was so sad 🙁



Day three an the road… we could feel „home” getting closer and closer 🙂

A bit of workout and gymnastics to stretch the muscles from all that sitting in the car 😀


At about 21:00 I was in my hometown! Home, at last! And this is when my parents saw the bike and found out what I have done: cycling from Denmark to France… boy, they had a surprise 🙂
Thank you Adi, Carine, Fineas, Eva and Siloe. Thank you all!
Now, the trip is not over.. Not until I get back to Odense…
I have to find some caches here in the meantime :))