… can’t remember when!

That’s how I can resume the time spent here, in Avignon!

Probably I won’t be able to express here, in a few words and pictures, just how much fun I had or just how good I felt during my visit here, but I will try to at least show you a glimpse.


As you must have guessed, I did spend a lot of time geocaching and visiting the surroundings. And since Silviu was working and had already done most of them, I mainly went alone searching for the little treasures 🙂 And that’s what we are talking about first:
Well, I started to search for caches from the first day that I arrived here. The city of Avignon has only a small number of hidden caches (but still more than some others cities I know), so I did search for the caches outside the city also, and I am talking here about Villeneuve-lès-Avignon and Les Angles.



Et voilà le Fort Saint-André (Villeneuve-lès-Avignon)

… and the view from up there 🙂

What you see way behind me is Avignon…


I must say: that church caught my eyes because it had been destroyed half way… but it still stands and you can look inside 🙂


For some views I had to climb on things… for example a fence 🙂



For some caches I went into „Danger” areas 😀 … but it was no problem at that time, since the water level was low. The sign is for the wet season 😀


And I loved the bee houses… both for the utility and the design they give the area 🙂

Found a place to cool myself 🙂 and refill the water bottle.


It’s because places like this that I love Geocaching:

One of the reasons, I meant!


And the city… as I told you in another post, was full of tourists and street artists. Basically everybody did whatever they wanted on the street, just to gather a crowd and earn some money or fame 🙂





Geocaching here and there… everywhere 😀



Since I couldn’t always borrow Silviu’s bike, and because I’ve always wanted a scooter, I went to decathlon and bought one, so that I could go visiting and geocaching easier 😀



But enough about my solo-geocaching-walks…

On day 24 (Gun had left the day before), Silviu and Cyrielle had new couch surfers: a couple from Taiwan. I have never seen more energetic, happy people in my life. They were glowing and were excited about every new thing. Awesome! That night I decided to cook. Nothing fancy, not really „cooking” … I just made fries because I missed eating homemade fries… I can’t believe how much everybody liked these fries… but I am glad they did 😀


Of course, as I told you before, every person I meet will eventually be introduced to geocaching, so Danny and Queenie were not an exception. After I explained everything, they were so excited about the game that they made an account before I finished talking :)) And of course, we went out after dinner to search for some caches…
Thinking about it now, out of all the people that I initiated in geocaching, these two were the most „caught” by the game. They started to search a lot of caches by themselves and found quite a few until now 🙂 Congrats! I am so proud!



The next evening they did the cooking… and boy, that meal was awesome. I have no idea what they did, but do you see those tomatoes on top of the orange bowl? We had to fight over them! They were insanely delicious!! Everything else was good also, but those were to die for!



After we ate… something extraordinarily happened. Silviu sneaked out of the apartment and then… a knock on the door. Cyrielle opened and all of a sudden we were all singing „Happy Birthday” while Silviu was entering with two cakes in his hand. I told myself: ah, I had no idea it’s Cyrielle’s birthday… Stupid me!
But then…. Silviu passes by Cyrielle and comes straight towards me … so.. WHAT? It’s for me?? I was singing for myself 😀 … but what? When? How? They tricked me! Saying he is late at work and stuff… man, I got played big time! And the thing is, I felt something is off… that Silviu is being a bit too sneaky… but since my birthday was long time ago… I had absolutely no clue that THIS could happen! It was absolutely, extremely, surprisingly overwhelming…



What more can I say! Awesome evening, great friends! Biggest surprise ever! Who would expect a surprise party weeks after the birthday?? Man, this year I had two and a half birthday parties :D. One before I left Odense, one now, and the birthday barbecue I made in Flensburg… That wasn’t really a party so I call it, indulgently, „half”.


As I said, I don’t remember when I had so much fun as I did during these days spent here. Of course, we went geocaching more that once. There was a cache that we could not find. I went there five times, alone plus with Danny a couple of times and still no luck. On one of the visits we met a nice Belgium couple and from there we continued together to search for some caches.
At one of them (GC2H3CR), I almost logged a lizard :D.
The story goes like this: Silviu had done most of the caches here so he knew them. At some point he told me that this one has a nice container, one that I would love. So I was expecting something unusual… While searching I climbed up a rock and looked behind a road sign. (this road sign was mounted really close to a wall, so not much room behind it) When I looked from the right, I saw on the left side something that looked like a magnetic-lizard-shaped-container. I was thrilled! Awesome container for a cache.. I was so happy. I reached to the left (barely, since the rock I was standing on was kinda far to the right).. but could not get it.. What? I looked again through the right side and the container was gone!  WHAT? I looked on the wall and I saw the lizard running up, away from the sign.  Oh, we all had a big laugh! Found the real cache short after that.
We visited one or two more caches with John and his wife and then took different paths. While still out searching for caches (this time a mystery cache) the rain came over us…


And boy, what a massive summer rain that was! At some point we did like the rest and just grabbed some posters to use as umbrella 😀 Good thing it was the middle of the festival and you find posters everywhere 😀


We got home safe… and extremely happy! Geocaching and running in the rain, boy, what an adventure. And with these two as colleagues… it was twice the fun!



Back home I used Street View from Google to locate the cache site.. Since the rain had decreased it’s volume and since we were already wet… I decided to go back and find the cache. Queenie was feeling bad so she stayed home, but Danny came with me. We found the cache, logged it, caught a bit more rain, and enjoyed a great view…



… then, Danny sais: „Do you know what we should do now?” Me: „Go home?” Danny:„Search for the other one!” Me: „?? … Oh! No..That one? We searched for it so many times… I am tired of it!”


But he was so eager and looking like a child on Christmas Eve that I couldn’t say no… And so we went back to the most searched cache ever. I have never tried so many times on a single cache. While searching, a couple approaches and I could recognize immediately the „geocacher behavior”. I asked them and indeed, they were searching the same thing. I told them we’ve been searching for a couple of days without luck. They did their search, Danny was also searching… we were all over…  We searched even in the sewers and opened every strange vent we could find..

At some point, I was sick of searching. Left them with the search and I was just walking. I have no idea why but I looked down, at my feet… And what do you know? In the middle of the street, between the pavement stones there was the nano cache… The couple logged it as found, and then we each left our separate ways. Since I had no idea where the cache was suppose to be, I took it with me.



Later that night I returned with Silviu and Cyrielle and placed it back where it belongs (since they knew already where the hiding place was suppose to be). Queenie and Danny were already gone.. on their way to Barcelona, to continue their adventure!



Guys, if you forget everything else, at least remember MEEH:


We had joy, we had fun…
We had rain-caching and sun..
But…. all good things come to an end…