Silviu warned me even before coming here that Avignon will not be the only place I will visit in my trip to France, and boy, did he kept his word!


Although he had to go to work every weekday, he still made time to take me to beautiful places and truly enjoy Provence 🙂
First trip outside Avignon was right before I got there. As you read in the previous post, we went to Aix-en-Provence the very first night I arrived. After that…

Day 23 – Fontaine de Vaucluse










The adventure here was that, after seeing the “fountain” and checked the Earth Cache off the list, we wanted to climb up for getting the traditional cache nearby. We choose a total different path than the one indicated in the details but we were confident that it can be reached that way also…






It has been an extreme adventure trying to make our way up… but we enjoyed extremely nice views 🙂



Since the time was passing and it seamed unlikely to get to the cache soon, we decided to find the fastest way down, and to get back home so that Silviu can get to work in time :).

Getting down was an even bigger adventure than going up, especially for Silviu and Gun, but we made it in the end.


After finally getting back to civilization, on our way back to the car we stopped to see the paper factory/museum! Really nice to see a still working water powered paper factory!
You simply have to love the way the water looks in the river. So clear, so fresh.. you can see the plants at the bottom, a powerful green, glowing in the sun
Day 27 – Miramas





Here we were, enjoying the view and the wonderful ice cream 😀 Are you jealous?

From left to right back to front: Silviu, Silvius’s mother, Cyrielle and me …oh happy days! 😀



Day 27 – Marseille




I must say, Marseille did not impressed me much. On the contrary, it spooked me more than thrilled me. Graffiti everywhere, looked like a ghetto… honestly, I was super glad I came here by car and not by bike.
We did manage to find a few caches (all three of us are geocachers :D)

And went to the Mediterranean Sea…




Where, to continue our May 1 madness, we went for a swim! Oh, it was a cold, extremely salty and the sea bed was full of rocks, not sand… and the waves…oh the waves!



Day 28 – Les Cascades Sautadet



This was the swiming / jumping part of my trip. Well, although I left Avignon with a true desire for jumping in the water, when I got there I did no such thing…



First, I went out to search for a cache nearby (after doing the EarthCache) … then, returned to the others and went into the water. The problem is I was the only one that can’t swim, so I just stayed a bit in the water and then went out… I almost drowned at some point, while trying to get from one piece of stone to the other… (between them the water was deep)… Just when I almost reached safety.. meaning the other rock base.. a guy with a boat or mattress or whatever floating device that was.. ran me over.. pushed me away from the rock, right in the area where the water was deep…  nasty experience….
After that I just did sunbathing 🙂 and then we left…. Did find a TB here, in the cache, and I am carrying it with me all over the places, since it’s mission is to travel with the person that finds it 🙂
Group photo, from back to front: Claudiu, Silviu and Kevin, Cyrielle and me 😀



Before leaving I had time to find another cache. A letterbox Hybrid, first one from a big series road back was really exciting… we took a different road, needed the GPS at some point… went offroad and saw nice views 🙂



And because we were all hungry, we went to the Japanese restaurant… and that was just lovely.. For 20 euros … open buffet: all you can eat! Man, those things were delicious. I tried a bit of almost everything! I can’t wait to go back there someday 😀



So, in few words, these were my trips outside of Avignon, road trips, going by car, sightseeing. What happened in Avignon, well, that’s another story.. in the next post that is!