Oh, and what a good night sleep that was! Yeah, Since leaving Netherlands I haven’t slept one night. I went through 3 countries without camping… yeah, I was really tired so I slept like a rock up until lunch time… The family welcomed me as one of their own, I had my own room, with a king-sized bed.

After the wonderful lunch, after a little chat, guess what? Geocaching, of course!

All along the way I told everybody about what I am doing on this trip, telling them about geocaching and explaining what it is. Of course I did the same thing here, and as a result, Adi’s two daughters accompanied me. After the first find (GC54D4W) they were extremely impressed and captivated by the game, so we went in search of more caches… in the forest.

That’s what I love here, in West Europe: you find caches even in small towns like this! Magnificent!

During the few days spent here, we also went to visit a bit of Besançon, and of course, searched for a cache there also. I don’t get it, why would a women geocacher leave a tampon inside a cache as trade item. Really? She couldn’t find anything else?? The children were searching for toys and stuff… and (unpleasant) surprise… I really think tampons, condoms and other personal hygiene products shouldn’t be used as tradeables…
I present to you Adi, his wife Carine and the two daughters Eva&Siloe… Unfortunately, Fineas, Adi’s oldest son, was visiting his cousins at that time so he didn’t come with us in this small journey.
I spent three days in this part of France. Did some caches, did some walks, worked a bit, relaxed and ate great family meals. It’s so great to have the whole family at the table. This is one of those things that almost never happened back home. It’s a nice change! And the french way of having a lunch… or dinner.. oh, I could easily live like this! Loved it!! If you haven’t been to France, if you never had a meal with a french family, you should try it at! Especially if you find such wonderful people like my hosts!
Not many words are in need to summarize the time spent here. It has been a great start for my vacation. I say „start” because the first 16 days have just been the amazing road to get here… Since I arrived in France I can say my summer vacation started… and as I said, these were the first three days:



If you read anything else on this blog, besides the posts related to this trip, you should know by now that I love to work with my hands, and I love DIY stuff 🙂 Needless to say that I always find some work wherever I go… That is because I am always looking to do something or to help in whatever manner I can… Of course, When I heard Adi has some things for me to do I was super enthusiastic 🙂 I had to assemble some furniture and then we put together the kitchen.


I cannot take credit for the design of the furniture or the arrangement of the kitchen, since I just helped with the labor, but I am happy with the way it turned out 😀 It is not done, but that’s just how far we reached before I left 🙂



As you probably noticed in the title, the kilometer count is over because I stopped pedaling since I got here. My next destination, and as stated in The Plan, the middle of my trip is Avignon, at my friends Silviu and Cyrielle.

I could have spend some time here to work on my bike (because it needs a lot of work), and continue the trip as planned, or…

but the story, in another post…