Saturday, 12 of July 2014, day 13 of my trip. Now that I just wrote this just made the connection: unlucky 13… and the events of this day… oh.. that would explain some things.


13:40 – I am still in Eindhoven. I left Vlad’s place at about 10am and after visiting a cache (TB Hotel in Beek et Donk) I went on my way to Belgium.

Returning from the cache site (owner’s front yard :D) my computer hit 1000km (it was about 10:44)

As I said, the plan was to continue my way to Belgium, but in fact I barely got to Eindhoven because the rain and the lack of a good map slowed me down. I was in a really bad place, morally speaking, and getting here was my main focus. Near PIAZZA, as I told you in the previous post, there is a guarded underground bike parking where I could leave my bike and trailer without worries.

My aim was to get out of the rain, get some WiFi and a power socket to charge my phone. All of those were in La Piazza.

13:40 – Near La Piazza in Eindhoven.

Since I was so down, so demoralized, the only solution I could see was to remake my route taking the shortest way to Besançon (France), dropping all the other caches stored in my phone and saving others, according to the new route. Doing that on my phone is harder than it sounds so it really was a time consuming pain in the ass!

17:25 – Doing all that and writing some blog posts I did not see the time passing. Because of that almost all the food from “LaPlace”was gone. Well, what would you expect, if the whole place closes at 18:00?

I managed to find a burger and a drink… kinda expensive… 8 euros for the burger, but I was hungry. So hungry that after I payed I almost went thru a window on my way to the tables…. well, I thought it was an opened door. Luckly I was walking slow so no incidents occured (like spilling my drink or dropping the food)



The city center is getting less and less crowded. I am still waiting for my phone to charge then I’ll be back on the road with google maps as my guide! God bless!
And so I lost another day here. I had to get out of the shopping center because it closed but my phone’s battery is not yet full.. Using the WiFi here I’m loading my map and I will go as straight as possible to the south, the entire night! I’m physically and mentally exhausted… more mentally I guess. I can hardly wait to get to France at my dear friend Adi.

Fortunately, while still in Eindhoven, the rain stopped and with the new route planned I was beginning to feel a bit better.


19:45 in the forest 🙂 –  searching for GC51TAB and later…  GC3D3DG


20:39 – I was headed for the borders, with Google as my guide. I went through some really weird roads, again. I have no idea how, but a tree branch went in my wheel and that resulted in some casualties: one of the spokes of my rear wheel got broken.


20:51 – reaching the borders, searching for the cache  (yes, there is a cache at the border. I think there should be one at each border of each country 🙂

There is no actually mark for the borderline, but using the preview from Google Maps I can approximate the fact that I was on top of it 🙂

The picture with the wheel is for you to see how sandy the terrain was 🙂

Finding the well placed GC2ZRHR (+Fav)


22:06 – in the memory of the old train station and railway. Lovely!


23:00 – ”Damn Google maps and Belgium’s bike roads”. That was my main thought near end of the day.
Damn Google because again it took me to some really weird roads that END in the middle of nowhere, while the map shows road straight ahead. And damn these bike paths because they are in the middle of nowhere. It’s pitch black outside, and I am alone pedaling through some lonely road in the middle of a forest. No car roads anywhere and therefore no traffic. I am a guy who likes cycling next to the road because at least you are not alone. There are some cars passing by and gas stations and houses and so on… but on these bike lanes there was nothing! That is really boring, especially during the night.

With the first opportunity, I took a detour from what the phone was suggesting because I was sick of going on those lonely bike paths.

  • snack break on a bench in a bus station
  • I have no idea where I am precisely
  • it started to rain again
  • thinking of sleeping here, on the bench, but it’s best if I just go on!

I still managed to do some caches on the way… last cache of the day (still on the earlier mentioned bike road) was GC56V88. That is one of the caches that would never „survive” in Romania…. or other Eastern Europe country. No offence!

And since I did not camp tonight (again because of the rain) this post will end here, because, according to the clock, the day ended 😀