Oh well, another night spent on the road. And I was about to find out that this was a „game night”. Big football game… I have no idea which exactly because I’m not into that, but I’m sure most of you know what I’m talking about. It was the night between 9th and 10th of July.


I had arrived at my destination but it was way too late.. or too early, depends on how you look at it 🙂 Except for a pub that still had some football fans having fun, the town was so quiet and still, so lovely and peaceful…. I slowly fell in love with this feeling! So I spent the night going around and basically… wasting time..


Eventually the dawn break and I started to go around sightseeing… remember, I still had some hours to spend until 18:00 when my hosts came back from work :D.

I really loved the bridges here…



and  the extremely weird houses…  Loved them, tickled my engineer mind and my taste for architecture. I would have loved to go inside and see how the rooms look like.



Did a cache in Helmond (GC4WZ9M now disabled) and then, tired of pedaling decided to take a break at a supermarket (and to grab a meal). My bike and trailer were dirty from all the rain and the mud along the way 🙂 and if you remember from the previous post, my tent was still wet from yesterday.


Because the weather was now much much better, sunny and hot, just like a summer day should be, I decided to take everything out to dry in the parking of the supermarket.




I also discovered that my tent got broken (I have no idea when or how..) Well: poor and cheap sew!



Since I was at a supermarket, seamed like a good place to have breakfast .. or lunch …. or whatever you want to call this meal 🙂 It was about half past 11.


Of course, I took advantage of the sun to charge my battery a bit.


To dry out the tarp, because it’s so big, I decided to go elsewhere, instead of filling two parking places. I found a nice place in the sun, near the bike path 🙂



After all of this I just settled somewhere on a bench, with the bike placed so that the solar panel was flooded with light  and just spent the time writing, catching up….
When the time was right I went to Vlad’s place. Oh! Finally a shower, good meal and a proper bed!  Sleep, at last!

Why stay at home when the road is so beautiful?