I’m sitting on one of the outside tables of Genner Hotel Camping … unfortunately, I arrived too late to ask for camping, but I have one hour of free WiFi (signed in via phone and email).  I got here  just because there is a nice geocache nearby.
Looking back … I remember my first hundreds of pedals …

09:50 – first cache (5 MIIL fra Nyborg)

12:30stepping … ohh … biking into the unknown: 55.7 km from start, crossing the bridge towards Kolding. I had been to Middelfart before, so now I am leaving behind the places I know already.

12:43 – missed one cache, had to go back 630 m
12:55 – resume journey
13:08 – passing by the best “Faraday” cage ever !

13:14 – cache number 3 since I left (st322), lunch break, water refill from the supply stored in the trailer
13:22 – discovered in my handlebar bag the chocolate bars hidden by Andrei. Thank you!
13:25 – resume journey while eating biscuits

15:05 – big detour trying to find the bike way to Kolding
15:58 – the log from the geocache (that I found near the area in the picture below) was almost full, so I signed near the logs from 2013 where I found a free space 🙂

16:41 – pit stop @ Shell. Bought a map and DK sticker for my trailer


19:36 – the coolest roundabout I have ever seen. The upper level for cars, and below ground level it’s for bikes …


21:08Genner Kirke. I would like to thank the person who placed a geocache box there, because searching for it I found the Church where there was an open bathroom so I could refill my water supply



That was a summary of my day, and now, returning to the present… In the meantime, I found someone whom I can talk to … regarding camping. Unfortunately, it is expensive and does not include AC power, so I will go and place my tent somewhere in the woods. It is probably illegal, but it is almost tomorrow and the dew already started to form.

23:50 It is almost midnight. I have successfully placed my tent and I am eating some “dinner”. After this, I am going to sleep. I did not manage to buy bread, because … “no cargo space”, so I am eating “pate cu biscuiți“.
 Inside the tent is unexpectedly warm, so I took off my hoodie. If tonight is getting cold, I have Silviu’s sleeping bag beside mine. Everything is settled … it is resting time.


23:53 – lights off. A bit late, but … I will make up for it tomorrow 🙂

Total Distance: 128.08 km
Max Speed: 43 Km/h
Average Speed: 15 km/h
Biking Time: 828m

Why stay at home when the road is so beautiful?