The simple fact that you are reading this paragraph, means that you are interested in helping me complete this amazing journey! And that makes you awesome!

I am so very honored and pleased to see that, and I must start off with a big and sincere THANK YOU!


How canYou Help?

How can you help?

Even a simple „Hello, good luck” message means a lot to me.. That is to say, you don’t need to do much to show your support for my trip. A message written from the heart or a share and like on social media, will be very much appreciated. Especially some cheering or even some pep talk during the trip will make a big difference and will give me the power to continue. Feedback is always welcome! Also about the website itself. Right now I am the only one behind this and I am not even a web designer… I just dabble with it a bit.

If you want to help out financially, there are some options bellow. The money will be spent on needs during the tour. Think of it like buying me a meal, or offering me a night at a hotel somewhere.


If you are a company and would like me to take your products for a test, write some reviews and such, don’t hesitate to contact me!


Thank you!

From Denmark you can use MobilPay easily transfer money to me.

My phone number is

+45 2824 0605.

Donate via PayPal with your credit/debit card. This service has a fee of 0.5% from the donation amount.

This list is made on, but I am sure the items can be found anywhere else on amazon or other online shops.

I always like to give back, so if you choose to make a donation, or buy me a gift, beside my complete gratitude you will also receive a small souvenir from the trip.

25 €

Postcard from a country of your choice

25€ or above: Postcard from a country of your choice

Donate 25 EUR and I will send you a postcard from a country of your choice, out of those I will be passing through. Look closely to my itinerary and you can also pick a specific city, if you wish. See the map here to have a better picture of the countries I will be visiting.

Each postcard will be handwritten, on the spot, according to the progress of the trip at that time.

The text will most likely be written in English.

50 €

Personal handwriten letter + photo

50€ or above: Personal handwriten letter + photo

If your donation is 50 EUR or above,  I will send you a letter and the print of a photo taken in a location of your choice. Of course you can choose the postcard, if you wish! Look at my itinerary to pick a city from where you would like the picture to be taken (or the postcard to be sent).

Each letter will be handwritten, according to the progress of the trip at that time.

The text will most likely be in English, Romanian or maybe a bit of French 😀 .