Well, as long as I stayed home… I didn’t stay home :)) That’s too say that I kept traveling all over the place and searched caches everywhere.

I went to the Black Sea and wanted to walk the entire seashore… I took the bus and train eventually because my feet were killing me (barefoot in the sand really made some blisters on my feet). Then I went to Azuga, to Galați, Bucharest, Roman, Rarău, Ciucaș, Iași….
Seaside (Black Sea)


Rarău 2014 – great time, great friends!


Ciucaș 2014 –  Mecanturist rules!!


Azuga, Bucharest, Iași, Roman

About some of these trips I will write some individual posts in the near future… so I will not say to much right now.

While being here I had a lot of fun and found quite a few caches… I was dissapointed that Galati.. the city of Galați dosen’t have a single cache… That was sad… In fact, if you look at the map on geocaching.com you will see that the game is more spreaded in the West side of Europe. We still have to promote it in the East.
I am doing excatly that. I can proudly say that so far I passed the geocaching virus to 11 people: 2 in France, 2 in Taiwan and 7 in Romania – 9 geocaching.com distinct users. On many caches I went with them and will repeat the experience as soon as possible.
Hope you enjoyed the photos, and if you want to find out more about the caches visited, go to my geocaching account and see the history. If you care to read the stories I will publish about the trips to Rarău or Ciucaș, please subscribe to my blog to receive via email an update.