06:42 – does it really have to rain every time I sleep in the tent?
If you remember from my previous posts, almost every night spent in the tent ended up with some morning rain. As usual, I went back to sleep, confident that this time also the rain would stop before I woke up for good.
08:00 – my regular wake up time… Unfortunately, unlike previous mornings, this time the rain didn’t stop by this hour… That had me worried a bit. I just went back to sleep, since I could’t do anything else.


Basically, the rain kept me inside the tent the whole day.
I had a bottle of water (as I always keep one near the tent) and also, by pure luck, the night before I had placed some chocolate  inside the tent (one of those bought from „real” the other day).

That’s about all I ate and drank the whole day.

It looks like my tent is not really that well built. Water is dripping inside from one of the seams…

17:45 – should I get out?

Eventually, the need to go to the bathroom made me leave the tent. I waited for the rain to settle a bit and went out. Besides that, I did nothing the whole day but laying in the tent, twisting from one side to the other and sleeping.

I even kept my phone off to save battery life.. I am alone in the rain, in the middle of nowhere…

Well, back to sleep! Maybe, maybe, the rain will stop and I can get back on the road!

Why stay at home when the road is so beautiful?