Born to bike… That was written on my bed sheets. Awesome hosts here in Osnabruck! Day 8, Monday morning, week 2, Osnabruck, Germany!

I woke up about the same as usual: 8 AM. I finished packing, got dressed and finished up the last things I had to do here before going: did the dishes from the day before and mounted a cycle-computer on Nina’s Bike.

Nina’s flatmate, had to leave early in the morning, and since I wanted to keep my promise to take at least a picture with everybody I meet,  I took one before she left, although I had a really sleepy face :))


With all that rain going on I forgot in the other post to tell you about the lovely room I was welcomed in and about my very matching bed sheet…. it had bikes, as you can see in the picture from the beginning of this article. I really loved the place, the apartment, the lights in the hallway, the decor, the pictures on the wall and especially the WiFi password. That was the longest password I EVER seen in my life… had a good laugh about this. Thank you again for hosting me! It’s been a blast!


After finishing everything, and after having breakfast, me and Nina left home. I was going to leave the city, she was heading for the University. On the way we took a small detour at Saturn, because the day before it was closed and I was thinking about buying a tablet (or notebook) because I was sick of typing on my phone (if you remember my problems in Flensburg). I really had to retain myself from going crazy around the shop and only focus on what I needed.
I looked at tablets and at some photo cameras, but I ended up buying a power bank (way bigger that the one I had until now) and also, to solve my typing problem, I bought a pen that works on smartphones (pen with a stylus top).  When I got to the cash register I was happy I didn’t bought anything else because they rejected my card and I had to pay cash… for those two items I gave all that I had on me (euros)… It would have been so embarrassing to end up not having money for all the products…

After finishing this we left. Because my first cache for today was close by, Nina decided to accompany me until that point. And so, at about 11:00 she was signing the log for her first find: GC27QC7. I really hope she decides to make an account and play more often :D. After a small photo session she placed the cache back in the hiding place and we said our goodbyes. She left for the University and I left towards the exit of the city.

Thank you very much!


I have no idea why exactly, but the map that I had printed and the map that I had stored in my phone (the list of caches that is) were different from here on! Although I used Google maps for both, apparently something went wrong and from Osnabruck nothing synced… My choice? Dump the printouts and use only the screenshots in my phone.. the ones that have the caches.

So, I was back on the road! Back on track, going towards Munster!

11:52 – in Hasbergen the road was under construction and a detour was needed! This was the best marked detour I met in this entire trip! And trust me, I had a few of those because I encountered a lot of road works. Every single turn had proper signals and arrows! It has been a pleasure!


12:05 – going happily downhill and speeding… At about halfway I realized I passed a cache so I had to return uphill. It was a very nice cache. A total surprise! It deserved a FAVORITE POINT and I didn’t regret one second the fact that I had to go back for it!
12:46 – multipurpose break! Did I forget to tell you that Nina was also kind enough to prepare a lunch pack for me? That was sweet! Thank you!
I had a proper lunch break… actually I call it a multipurpose break since I stopped here to rest, eat, change pants (from long to short), grease the chain and… visit the bushes 😀 Yeah, full PIT-STOP!


14:00 – Geocaching got me barefoot (again … but not for the last time). This time I had to go in the water, under a bridge 🙂

16:39 – In Munster, finding GC3K8RX


17:16 –  Did not Find GC52NBP but a nice guy stopped to see if he can give me directions. I looked lost  🙂 Hunger made me attack the snack bag so I started to eat some of Iulia’s nuts. Good thing Andrei did not give me any nuts, or else the previous phrase would have sounded weird… :)) … It sounded funnier in my head :))



19:11 –  stopped at ”real” in Dulmer for more than one reason.
First of all, there was a cache there. Secondly, I hoped to find a hypermarket just like in Romania.. or better said a shopping center where I could find WiFi, toilets, drinking water, a power plug to charge my phone, a hot meal… At the cache location, some shady looking guys were… hanging there, so I decided it’s safer to not go searching for this cache. I parked as you can see above and went in the shop instead.. to a big surprise!

Surprise because here real is just that.. real, the supermarket! No big shopping center like the ones I was used to. Of course they had a bathroom, but that was about the only thing I found there from my list of expectations.
And yeah… also found a condomat here, although still surprising, is more suitable than the one I saw the other days in the middle of the town.


20:39 –  I was now at the beginning of a small cache series. It was getting dark and I was afraid I won’t finish it in time. I am almost sure I did not store all of them in my phone when I did the plan because I was afraid not to waste to much time searching. Anyway, I found almost all of those that I had stored. One of them was unreachable because the place was crowded. At about 21:00 the series was done and I still found time to do two more before night fall.

22:00 – in Haltern, I stopped at a Shell station to get some water.

I was still pedaling and was starting to worry that the night falls and I still didn’t find a proper place to pitch the tent. I decided to not waste much more time and settle in the first acceptable place.

22:30 – found a small forest good enough to host me, and started to prepare for night.

23:00 – dinner, if we can call it that… Earlier, at real, I did some shopping so my dinner was pretty rich: fruits and a sandwich from Nina, bread and sausages from real and a juice bottle from Saturday …. also some chocolate hidden there…


Good night!


Why stay at home when the road is so beautiful?