Day seven of this journey caught me in Osnabruck. With the hospitality of my hosts I decided to spend the entire day here, thus leaving on Monday morning for Netherlands.

For today, after sleeping a little more than usual, the plan was very simple (in my head): I was going to do some shopping, cook something, socialize with my host and search for some caches in Osnabruck… But after waking up I soon found out that my plan had failed already. It seems that here, in Germany, on Sundays, every supermarket and every shop is closed! That, for me, was a big shock!


I heard about closing early on Saturdays and Sundays, but everything closed on Sundays is a new thing for me. I come from a country where Non Stop (24/h) shops exist, where on Sunday mornings you can go to the market or to the supermarket to buy anything you want!

I had to cancel my plans to cook something and make the best of the day. After a lovely breakfast in the front yard, each of us minded his own business: the girls with their writing/reading and I went around the city in search of some caches!

12:36 – Finding the first cache in Osnabruck, a nano cache: GC2NC8T (picture above) and soon after, the second cache, called Osnabruck No 1:


13:03 – still geocaching…

One thing I really loved was the eco-cars and the charging stations 🙂 Now that’s the way to travel in the city!


While in search of a cache I met a nice couple who came to GZ for the same one as me. It turned out the cache was missing (GC2PWF8). We talked a bit and they told me about a letterbox cache I did not have on my list, giving me the coordinates, saying that they just dropped a TB there that fits me well.

This is how I found my first letterbox cache, and reached 200 finds. It was GC4E70H and the TB retrieved there wants to travel around Europe, which is exactly what I am doing 🙂 Thank you Chris_LWL



When I finished all the caches on my list I returned home to log them and to send a few updates… all of that while my hosts were visiting the neighbors to make some waffles. They also brought me some… Delicious!!!


Be honest, you are craving for some? I know I am! Not only from seeing the picture, but remembering the taste. They were awesome!
For the evening I had the idea to order a pizza, since my „cooking plan” failed due to the lack of opened shops. When I told the girls about this plan, they said that they already have all the things needed for making pizza at home, so again, I ate on their expense. I really have to make up for all of this at some point, and I have an idea how to do that…


After dinner, while there was still some light outside, I went out with Nina on a small „guided” tour around the city, unlike my „solo” earlier trip. I was all dressed up in my „Sunday clothes” and sandals. While walking in the city the weather changed and a massive rain started. Unfortunately I forgot my phone at home so I could not take a photo with the sky for you to see. Honestly, I have never seen clouds so dark and scary! It was like the Apocalypse… Yeah, we got home soaked! :)) there go my good clothes :))

That was about the end of day 7 of my trip. After a little more time online studying some caches, I went to bed, praying that the weather changes by morning when I was suppose to continue my journey.

Why stay at home when the road is so beautiful?