4:45 – again, just like the time I camped in Genner, the rain woke me up. I acted the same way as last time and just went back to sleep, with the hope that the rain will stop before the alarm clock rings.


8:45 – I wake up without any alarm. As I told you in the previous post, my phone didn’t had that much battery left, so I decided to keep it closed during the night. Apparently, unlike old phones, the alarm clock from my smartphone does not ring unless the phone is on. Weird!



The other night was to dark for taking photos, so I can show you now my camp site. As I woke up, the rain from early morning had stopped and almost everything was already dried, except for my tent and the tarp. Since I was not in a rush, I left the outer shell of the tent to dry in the sun and packed everything else.


In the meantime, the water was boiling for my soup. Not the breakfast you are really used to, but good enough for me 🙂 While still cooking a car stops near me. My first thought, like in the previous evening, was that it might be a geocacher, but now I was unsure. When the man gets out I see he is carrying a GPS device so that was my confirmation: He was a geocacher! Yeeey! The first geocacher I meet in this trip!


We had a nice conversation and it seems that the cache near me was holding a clue for finding a multicache. He was there to retrieve the clue, since he had forgotten last time. We spent some time talking, exchanged TBs, told him about my trip and gave him my tracking code (he already logged me as discovered – yes, I’m trackable) and then we said our goodbyes. He also warned be about a thunderstorm that has been forecasted.



Unfortunately my phone’s front camera was a bit dirty so the picture turned out weird, but at least I have something to remind me of the moment. Thank you Zugvogel100 🙂
I left home with my Go Pro Hero 3+. I actually bought it for this trip… Of course I have many other plans with that camera, but I rushed into buying it so that I can use it during this adventure. To save battery life and storage space I was only shooting video sequences once in a while, and was planning to make a montage at the end…
Well, while filming me cooking, the camera dropped from the handlebar bag to the ground. I picked it up from the ground and continued to film… or so I thought! While talking to the camera I noticed that the screen was frozen. Tried to stop/turn off .. nothing worked! I decided to remove the battery in order to shut it down… Since then it never started again. I thought that an action camera should be able to take much more abuse and still work. It is suppose to be designed to take a lot of beating, right? Mine had fallen once (with the waterproof case on) and it wasn’t even on concrete, it was just dirt. Dude, I am really unlucky when it comes to technology :((

10:25 – after eating and packing everything, a new pedaling day was starting…

11:14 – ACCIDENT! I hit a bump in the road with my front wheel and immediately I heard a terrible noise and felt lighter… my trailer had  fallen on the ground … and I was going relatively fast… My first thought was: „Fuck! The coupling broke! I’m dead! I’ll have to carry it by hand!
I got down from the bike and had a closer look. It seems that in my morning rush I forgot to place the R-clip (safety pin) to the trailer coupling. Oh my God! I am surprised it lasted until now, especially considering what speeds and bumps I took earlier… I was lucky! It could have been so much worse. Good thing there was nobody behind me since that would have been a big problem.

Damage report: everything seems fine. The water bottle got scratched but not that bad. On the other hand, the bottle holder had broken and now his grip on the bottle  was not that good. But it’s ok and anyway, there is no place I can get another one now.

Speaking of the water bottle, I really must thank Pawel again for this gift!! I must admit that I had my doubts about these bottles that have a large nozzle. I always thought they are for those who go to the gym, for their energy drinks or protein drinks or whatever those are. In fact these bottles are really comfortable to drink from, and anyway, the one that I now have is not one of those protein bottles, but since it has a large nozzle it reminded me of them. Yeah, I really love it and it’s still my first choice whenever I need to take water with me (like almost everyday in the summer). So, Pawel, THANK YOU very much!!

11:26 – finding GC26NC4

12:03 –  The GPS and searching caches took me to all kind of places, through all kind os small towns and cities. And I had seen earlier here, in Germany cigarette vending machines. The first one I saw was a surprise, because I have never before seen one. At first I thought they are selling prepay cards for your mobile provider (like we have back home) but I was mistaking. While going through a small town a passed by another vending machine. I automatically assumed it’s selling cigarettes but I was in for a big surprise: it was a condomat. A machine that sells condoms! I was left speachless! I only saw these in movies and they were placed in the toilet of a motel.. but to see one in the open space, in a small town like this.. it was just a bit weird for me. That might be also because for us sex and condoms are still a taboo subject. I guess here it’s different!

12:34 – finding GC37KCG

13:28 – one of the big problems here in Germany is that they have to many bike paths 😀 Seriously! Without bike lanes, for example in Romania, you can cycle on any road (as long as you don’t break any traffic rules), but when you have bike paths you have to use them. When you have bike paths you also have some roads or some road segments where bikes are not allowed and so you have to go around those, if you now how…  Also in Germany there are a lot of  sightseeing bike paths, and unfortunately those are way longer than the normal road. I really hate them because they usually take you on a long detour through the german countryside, which means you end up alone in the middle of nowhere. I like riding near the road because the traffic makes me feel like I am not alone. And in case something goes wrong, you can stop a car and ask for help. But when going like that, in the middle of nowhere, it’s really boring.

That’s what happened today, when, by mistake I ended up on one of these roads. I was getting bored, the sun was killing me, the water was ending and there was nobody in sight… it was a Saturday so of course there was nobody anywhere. I was so sick of that stupid road…

Fortunately at about 13:00 I found some humans here… It was a bike shop (sales and repairs) and it was opened. How nice! Not everybody spoke English but I managed to make myself understood that I needed some water.
At his boss request, the guy came from the back with some bottled water and  juice. I was happy, but I needed to refill my own bottles so I asked about (or better said I mimed)  a sink or a faucet from where I could get some tap water. I was shown the bathroom. After filling my bottles I tried to pay the guy for the juice and water but he sent me back to the boss, who said that I do not owe him anything. I thanked him and left.

Thank you Haake (bike shop and service)!



So, as you read before, everybody had warned me about a thunder storm and it seems that I did not manage to run from it. At about 14:00 hours, near Hallstedt, the rain started to fall. I put the rain coat on and stopped under a tree. After the rain stopped a bit I continued towards the city. I was getting a bit hungry and because straight ahead I saw some really bad clouds, I decided to stop in the nearby bus station (a really nice one I must add). Less that 5 minutes later a massive rain had fallen over the town! Uh, I was so happy to be in a safe place!



After the rain stopped I got back on the road. I was actually thinking to sleep here in case the rain was going to last longer 🙂


17:16 – in Barnstorf at a gas station. Although at Haake I filled all of the bottles I had on the bike (three) I needed some water again. For those but also for the 2 liter bottle I had in the trailer (which is my back-up and cooking water supply. It is important to get water before the night falls so finding this gas station was the best water source. I went inside and the boy behind the counter speaking a „good enough” English gave me directions towards the bathroom. With a bit of struggle (the faucet was to close to the sink and thus, the bottles did not fit under it) I manage to fill my bottles. While being there I manage to solve some other important businesses but in a rush, because the bike was unlocked outside.


18:07 – finding the remains of GC23RFJ. I found the lid of the box at about 5 meters away from the cache place, while still not knowing where the cache place is. Searched and searched, then found the „holder” of the cache box, empty. Looked straight down, and in the grass I found a piece of the old container and a small piece of log sheet. Went back to retrieve the lid seen earlier, patched them with some electric tape (never leave home without it) and placed it back so others would find it. The next step is to report that it needs maintenance… as soon as I find some WiFi 😀



19:15 –  exchanging text messages with Nina, my couchsurfing host in Osnabruck.
The thing was like this: I had just passed Diepholz and wanted to let her know about this. I wrote her saying that I am 50 km away from her city and that I would probably get there too late. The best way is to stop before Osnabruck, set camp, and come by her place the next day. That was my idea because I don’t want to disturb by arriving in the middle of the night. Her answer was something like: ”You are not disturbing, come today whenever you get here. If you arrive earlier than 22:30 you might have to wait for us because we will be out until then!
I was: Whaat? 22:30? Not even a miracle couldn’t get me there that fast!


Since I was off my route and had no more maps for searching geocaches, I just followed the road signs straight to Osnabruck, without any stops.

19:30 –  my cycle computer hits 600 km and the „need service” light starts to blink! Indeed, a pit stop would be nice!

20:17 –  in Bohmte I felt for the first time the feeling of vacation! It was like being in a Holiday Resort, like one of the resorts near the seaside in Romania. Do you know that feeling when you are in vacation? That’s what I was experiencing … around me, because I was pedaling, getting closer and closer and building the hope that I might reach Osnabruck today! Oh, that would be so nice…. shower, bed, WiFi… heaven!


Last 8 km before Osnabruck the skies opened and a massive rain had fell down! That really messed me up but I did not care that much any more because I was so close… I was so close to a warm shower and a bed..


21:37 – I get another text from Nina, announcing me that because of the weather they stayed in so I can arrive at any time without problems.
I have no idea how but at 22 hours and 10 minutes I was at my hosts front door. Soaking wet, dirty and with a messed up bike, but I was there! It was heaven! My salvation! And the place was awesome… they even had a basement where I could leave my bike safely out of the rain! That was a perfect surprise!

The day was soon at the end. We talked a bit, I took a shower, spent some time online and then fell asleep! Oh, yeah, sleeping time!

Why stay at home when the road is so beautiful?