11:08 – F*** google, gmail, the lack of internet and f*** this stupid phone… But mostly gmail and his updates!! And this phone… yeah… stupid phone!!
I really have no idea what got sent, if any, from all the messages I have written! Last night I wrote a long and detailed message and about three times gmail failed to save the draft… and now… when I got internet I lost everything because of it’s stupid update! So please excuse me if I am a little pissed off right now!! I am still  in Flensburg and I have no idea when I will get back on the road.
I am pissed off and also sad. I am already late and this stupid phone is just making things harder…. I will not be reaching my host in Osnabruck in time and therefore I will also arrive late in Eindhoven. Let’s see, maybe I can find a host in Hamburg.
11:18 – Still in Flensburg, still at the library in Flensburg Galerie the only place with (working) free WiFi that I could find so far. The phone is being a pain in the ass because it keeps freezing while I try to solve my problems… and gmail? Oh, I said it already …. it really gave me a bad time! Now, if this shitty phone will allow me, I will try to find a couchsurfing host in Hamburg.
15:18 –  I am still in Flensburg at Maddo’s place. The bags are all done, I am just waiting for my phone to finish charging and then I will be on my way. Because gmail failed me so bad, I will start writing .txt files that I will be sending when I get the chance. I will not rely on gmail app to store my drafts because I don’t want to lose anything else.


To be honest I am really sorry for losing the previous written article. I have so little free time and it is so precious that I hate wasting it. And it is not just about wasting time it is also about the fact that my thoughts are never the same. So many things come to my mind while cycling, so many things I would like to say, and in the evenings I usually do not have the time to write or I am to tired to remember them all. And as the other post is concerned, I will rewrite it and try to recover parts of it as soon as I get the chance, but still, it is a shame for losing it


But now I managed to relax from the bad state in which I was earlier. I will soon leave for Hamburg (my phone still needs to charge 9% until I can go). I need to get there before tomorrow night to be on schedule. It was difficult but I managed to send two couchsurfing requests for Hamburg. While I was still at the Galerie no one answered but I said (in the requests) that I will be there tomorrow so in case one of them answers, I have to keep my word. Tomorrow, when I get there I have to find some WiFi to check for replies. I could really use a place to sleep and a shower so a host would be great.


I also managed to talk to Nina, my host in Osnabrück and informed her of the fact that I will be late. She was very nice and understanding and said that there is no problem. Thank you again for that! I really hate being late – anywhere, anytime – but there is not much I can do about it. Let’s see how cycling during the night goes today and maybe I will do it again to recover the time wasted. I know some of you would like to tell me not to go all night, but by the time you will read this, the deed is done 🙂
Here, at the moment, it’s not raining but it’s cloudy and windy. I will go on through this weather. Wind and clouds do not bother me. As long as it’s not rain, it’s no problem.
I can hardly wait to eat more of the food so that the luggage gets easier. I am really glad that everybody enjoyed the chicken I cooked. I don’t know why I didn’t go with my guts and brought more…
Right now the cycle computer says 195 km and I am still at 172 caches found, since so far I haven’t done any today, being so busy with online stuff…
Battery is at 95% charging…
The advantage of being on the road, on the move, is that you can run from the rain… so I am leaving for some better weather… I am going South.
It’s now 15:36. Battery full… in less than 10 minutes I will be back on the road.


Unfortunately Maddo had some things to do so he left the camping before I did and when we said our goodbyes I totally forgot to take a picture of us (since I was still waiting for my phone to charge). And I told myself before leaving Odense that on this trip I will not forget to take pictures, as usually and sadly I did in the past trips. But he was gone and I was leaving before his return, so now I will have to return to Flensburg someday if not for something else, at least for the picture. I did take some pictures with our trailers right before leaving the place:




So, after the battery had charged and after taking some pictures with Robert, my closest neighbor in the building I left the camp site and went for the exit of the city.

Had a bit of a problem finding my way but no big deal. The weather was still holding.

At 17:23 I was finding the first cache after leaving the host.

18:00 – McGyver (GC3AYZY) cache found. I was expecting something more complicated due to the name… but apparently no. It was ok, just that I have seen some others like it before so it did not raise to the expectations.
Other thoughts: My GoPro said the card is full so I had to change it, and the pen broke… from writing on wet paper… it leaves blank gaps in the lines… too bad!

18:30 – Am I on the right path?? Stop! Check map! Continue!

18:43 – 218 km – food  break near a WC flower pot.
And the “international” menu consists of: Romanian liver pate, German bread, Danish banana, an energy drink bought in Denmark carried to Norway and back and then all the way until here.
I bought it before going to Norway for the job… just in case I needed an energy boost at work. Since that was not the case, I kept them (2 cans) until the need appeared.
And the banana? Oh those vacuum bags are great! It kept the banana in good condition until now, since… 29 of June. That’s really nice.

Also in the break I changed the pen to one that can write 🙂

19:02 – food break over

20:03 – My c:geo app froze while the screen was showing 112 m from cache. Stop biking, restart phone. Cache found: GC3QKHR. 50% battery left on my phone.


21:20 – spotted a Shell Station while searching for a cache. Unfortunately no English speaking personnel and no map of Germany good enough for my needs.


21:23 – You got to love the scenery. On my way to a cache, stopped for pictures in Schleswig, Schleswig-Holstein


21:56 – getting  equipped for night… Hey Siemens, how about a sponsorship next time?



22:41 – I finally found a “real” Shell Station from where I bought a map of the country (actually only the North site of the country, exactly what I needed). I also found here the sticker with the country label.

23:27 – the road is blocked in front because some massive works in the area so a detour is needed. I have to do it with my GPS because of the lack of road signs.

23:53 –  The GPS took me to the right road but it seams that there is also construction. I do not want to take another detour so I am just going straight on the road closed. The bike lane is actually done, so I think it was just closed for the cars … or I want to think that. Phone battery is at 15%… start charging.

23:59  – On the same road, gone out of the construction area, and on my way to GCK6WQ which has  level 4 of difficulty !!!

As I told you in the earlier message… I’m gonna cycle all night so the story continues in the next post 🙂


Why stay at home when the road is so beautiful?