To recap a bit: 16 days have passed since I started this journey. It was now the night between July 14 and July 15 and not more that 4 hours earlier I had entered France. This was the third consecutive night I was cycling without camping.


00:53 – Taking some pictures on the bridge in Metz – I think the second one is the best night photo I took with my phone on this trip


What really surprised me during this night was the fact that there were many people outside. I could hear some distant concerts or events and I saw fireworks. I was really confused because I had no idea what’s the occasion 🙂

01:37 – Food break on a bench. Here I was actually on a pedestrian area.. but google took me on it so I did not argue 😀


During the night I could not feel tired because I was going near the Moselle Canal (Canal de Moseelle). Imagine going in the night, on a mostly pedestrian road, near the water, with a low headlamp to light the way…I could not go fast between those trees and I always had to be very attentive to the terrain so that I don’t accidentally fall in the water… My trailer’s wheel hitting one tree root or stone would have been enough for it to start wobbling and knock me out of balance… as it happend many times before. The only problem was that I don’t know how to swim, so if the trailer had fallen in the water, dragging the bike and me with it.. well… you can imagine! That was n my mind and that kept me very careful and edgy.
05:07 – I remember I was in Novéant-sur-Moselle when the sun came up and I was trying to sent some messages via mobile data… no luck! By now I was beginning o feel the fatigue. It’s always the same: it hits me in the morning! If I manage to pass that critical point, I am safe for another day!


08:21 – I stopped on a bench because I felt myself falling asleep on the bike. I actually snoozed a bit while pedaling! I was in Blénod-lès-Pont-à-Mousson. I took out my last energy drink. If you recall Day 3, I had then the same kind of energy drink. It was the last of the 2 cans that traveled with me to Norway and back 🙂



I was so tired that I fell asleep while drinking the can! I woke up after a few minutes panicked because I left the bike unlocked and all my luggage exposed. Fortunately nothing happened! I finished the can and went back on the road!


10:08 – reached some hilly french fields somewhere at about 15 km away from Pont-à-Mousson, heading for Liverdun. I am saying that now, looking at a map, because at that time I was a bit dizzy. I had no idea where I am exactly or if that is the shortest way, I was just following my phone… I don’t remember why but at some point, after a small food break, I start walking barefoot and got a thorn in my foot 😛


11:53 – The biggest problem with those fields was not the lack of shade and the burning sun.. it was the fact that I couldn’t find any place to go… as in „to go to the bathroom” :)) To the right there was a „field of gold” to the left.. corn field.. both of them less than a meter high.. so .. bad place to be in the need … very bad place!! Fortunately I found a bit of a forest at noon :))



12:20 – I texted Adi to let him know of my progress. He offered to come meet me along the way and pick me up with the car.  I told him not to, but he insisted, so I took a break here to send him my itinerary.


14:02 – Near Sexey-les-Bois

14:38 – no GPS tag on this photo.. so I can just say I was somewhere :))


16:06 –  I was halfway down the biggest descend of this trip: descending to Chaligny! By far this has been the most exciting part of the road, and the most dangerous one! Going downhill on pavement with a heavy trailer pushing from the back.. yeah, that’s an adventure. I could smell my brake pads burning! And I was going really, really slow.. because otherwise I would have lost control.. and that would mean serious injury!


17:17 – Break! Finished! Done! Adi is on his way here, to the meeting place. I have no idea where I found the energy to keep pedaling today but the truth is I feel ok now… as I sit here on the side of the road, waiting. By now I’ve done 1475 km on my bike!



18:45 – While waiting and writing in my notebook I noticed another biker,  few meters back from Where I came. He took a break in the shade, sitting on the grass near the road. I packed my stuff and went to talk to him.
Meet Scott, a cyclist from Germany, on his way to Portugal! It’s sooo nice to have somebody to talk to, somebody that goes through almost the same experience as you! :)) Actually he was better equipped than me and he spent some night in hostels, but besides that: we had many things in common 🙂 I loved his dynamo wheel that was powering the headlight.. I loved the fact that the headlight had an USB output so he could charge the GPS and phone. I struggled to make the same kind of thing, without knowing that the system already exists for sale :))



18:59 – Scott left. His break was over and so he continued on is road. I stayed behind and not long after that Adi arrived and picked me up.

We stopped along the way to eat something and then we went straight home. It was night when we got there so the day ended with a shower and sleep! Finally sleep!!