Another night with no sleep, no place to camp since the rain made everything wet. I was in Wiltz, for the night, found some WiFi and got in contact with the world a bit.
After going around the city I found a bus station where I could lie down, I napped for about an hour and then, at 05:30 I got back on the road.

05:56 – And this is me.. tired 😀


I was really sleepy and I found myself in some bad fog so I decided to stop at the first bus station outside the city where I took another nap. At 07:00 the alarm clock woke me up. No more fog so I got back on the road.


10:15 – small service break for the bike.
11:10 – fortunately the weather is nice and I hope it stays this way. I am in Ettelbruck, and since I have been so lucky to find some WiFi I could store another cache here nearby, on my route. Unfortunately it’s a bus stop and there is a guy waiting, thus I cannot search on this side of the road. I already searched the other side so now I am stuck waiting…
I still haven’t found a sticker with the country label… I am missing 3. Soon I will get to France and I only have stickers for Denmark and Germany. That’s sad!
Oh, the buses are so rare here. I am bored waiting for the guy that is waiting for the bus 😀
11:31 – The bus came, the guy left… can’t seem to find the cache. Busy searching I didn’t notice that on the bus station across the street there is a girl? lady? … miss 😀 There is a miss smoking and smirking or being amused of something… my guess is that she was laughing of my failure to find the cache since she probably knows where it is. I don’t see any other reason since she was looking straight at me. I stopped my search but I am not leaving the place until I find the cache. She has to leave at some point, right? Two more buses pass on my side but none on her’s… I’m just sitting and writing 🙂
I am a bit in a rush since I would like to get as far as possible before getting dark, but I am not leaving the cache site 😀 I have about 380 km to go until I reach my friend Adi, which means that, if Google maps doesn’t take on God forgotten roads and the terrain stops being so difficult, I should be there in three days or two days and a night. I haven’t slept for two nights already and even before that I did not get that much sleep so I am a bit low on my energy…
Oh, come on.. where is that bus? I am getting hungry! I need to find some water soon so I can cook something and loose some weight from the luggage.
I really hope the weather stays as nice as it is now.
11:43  She left… not by a bus but by foot. Either she got bored, or she did it for me (perhaps she is a geocacher and she understood that I am waiting for her to leave).
11:45 Found IT! It wasn’t hard at all but I had searched a bit to high before…. yes, I am tired.
12:07 food break in a parking that had picnic tables. This was both because I was hungry but also because I have to lose more weight from the trailer. It’s still very heavy. I guess those clothes are weighing a lot, and the irony is I haven’t used most of them. I packed also for my time in France, so I needed more that usual. the truth is, taken by pieces, everything I carry is light, but putting them together… well it adds up :))



The bike begins to show more and more signs of fatigue, but overall I am pleased with it’s performance so far and I am amazed that it’s still holding me. I like it here, sitting at this table, just writing. I remembered  that I enjoy writing… Since I left Eindhoven, I started writing only in my notebook instead of the phone and I love it!
At home I have a special notebook for writing thouthts from my trips… but it’s at home… It’s been so long since I made it a „travel diary”. I always loved notebooks and agendas so when I received that one (many many years ago for Christmas, from my sister), I kept searching for a good purpose of using it. It was then that I decided it will be a „Travel Log”. The only problem was that back then I wasn’t travelling so often, and later this blog was born and I kept writing here about my journeys. When I bought my first mountaineering backpack (second hand from France, thanks to Adi), I placed the agenda in one of it’s pockets (in a zip-lock bag) so that I will always have it with me in my travels. But of-course, that backpack is at home, not with me… 🙁
There’s a saying in my country that it’s not recommended to write when you eat… Well, I finished eating so no more telling stories… back on the road!

13:24 – Count on me to find power sockets 😀

On my way I saw the ruins of a castle. I stopped to take a look since I kinda like these things :D. I know now, thanks to google and my GPS-tagged photos, that it was Château de Pétange.


Panorama with my phone on auto exposure: bad idea!


My idea was to stop to take some pictures. Impressive: 3 meter thick walls! Nice! And so, admiring the architecture of the place I entered one of the towers, that once was the stairway to the next floor. Now, only the holes in the walls remind of the old steps. Just when I wanted to get out what do I see? A wall socket! I thought to myself: no way this still works! But guess what? It did! In Ettelbruck, the last place I found WiFi, there was also a power socket outside a shop, but it wasn’t working. But this one was working fine! I pushed my luck and tried for some WiFi… no chance! If I would have found WiFi also, I would have been tempted to camp here :)) that way for sure I got another visit from the police :))



I’m thinking about shutting down the phone to ease the charging, but I would lose the map stored now in the phone.. so that’s not a solution. Now I’m just standing somewhere I can keep an eye on the bike and on the phone :D.
Unfortunately the access to the towers that still stand is blocked, therefore I cannot climb a bit …  and I am not in the mood of doing something illegal 😀 Although… s night in jail would be a interesting turn in my adventure… plus a good night sleep 😀 :)) :)) I’ve gone nuts!!
I really love the fact that all of the wires are perfectly hidden. I’m standing like a fool, looking at the walls without understanding where the wires are. That goes both for the power sockets and the lights… the wires are hidden perfectly. Nicely done!
14:24 – on a bike path outside Miersch I had to stop to do some maintenance on the bike. The trailer hook was making loud annoying noises. Many cyclists stopped to see if I need any help. Great feeling: to see all those bikers. I saw a couple on horizontal bikes, with front and back bags… GPS.. all equipped for road… Their story must have been really nice! I also used the time here to dry my tarpaulin and rain coat on the fence nearby 🙂



16:13 – still on the bike path, I found a water fountain and filled all my bottles.  I had just passed by the city of Luerenzweiler (Lorentzweiler).



17:09 – Reaching Louxembourg City, amazed by the very high bridge



then a construction site made take a detour… a very high detour. Again, I had to do it by foot, since I could not climb such a steep hill.

17:20 – reaching Count Sigefroi’s 10th-century Castle at Montée de Clausen



By now I was in a desperate need of a bathroom, and being in a very high touristic attraction was not helping…  I do not know how much the penalty is for peeing in public, but I sure don’t want to find out!



My route was going through the gate but I decided to take a break, and climb on top, to see the view. From the stairs I could see my parking place… 🙂


I was totally amazed by the view that was in front of my eyes, so I will let you enjoy it now:



There, on top of the „wall” there were a lot of tourists everybody enjoying  the view. Close to the Museum I was lucky enough to find a toilet .. oh finally! Afterwards I could truly enjoy the view.



I got back on the road in search for something that looked for the city center. I was in search of a place with WiFi, a pub, a fast food.. a touristic place. And at about 18:25 I found a place. Funny story!
When I reached Place de la Constitution I decided to take a right turn, because I had a feeling I would find restaurants there.
I stopped at some point at a corner and parked the bike. Took out the phone, turned WiFi and instantly I was online. It seams that I found a network with the same SSID as in Ettelbruck, earlier today. Nice!
I said it is funny because I tried to move out of that place in search for a better signal of the network, but without any luck. In seamed like the WiFi was only in that spot I stopped first time. Talk about coincidences! How lucky am I? 😀

18:54 –  of course, I took a picture with me standing in the SPOT.. the WiFi Spot, that is :D,


After refreshing my map and storing some nearby caches I set the GPS to my next target and left the place. I did manage to find two caches near the exit of the city.

20:42 –  Finding myself on Lyberty Road, getting closer and closer to France 🙂


20:54 – crossing the border to France! Oh, I’m finally here!! Yeah!!



21:04 – Finding a cache right near the border: GC4YW03. I took a picture from the cache site, and then left for another one.. not far away: GC33454. It was called park and grab but it turned out I had to walk more than expected.



Well, I am in France, I am finally here!! Could not have been happier!
And again without any good camping place in sight, I decided to continue cycling instead of sleeping… another night … ugh!

Why stay at home when the road is so beautiful?