So another night, same story… no sleep just pedaling and geocaching … this time through Belgium.

03:25 – Finding GC579N9 in Vreren

03:45 – a break from cycling in a bus station. Perfect time to cook something and therefor get rid of some weight from the trailer.


04:37 – finished cooking eating and packing everything back, thinking of sleeping here on the bench since is the first one I find that is made out of plastic and not metal (which means it’s warmer). Laid down on the bench „hugging” my backpack, with my head on the bike helmet (not as good as a pillow, but ok)
Not long after I did that, a police car stopped next to the bus station to check me out. Because I saw them, by the time the two officers came by I got up and was sitting on the bench.


When I asked if they speak english their first question was „where am I coming from?” And then „What am I doing in Vreren”. Hearing that I am on a trip across Europe, the next question was if this is how I spend my nights: sleeping in bus stations. I told them I was only resting here because I just ate earlier. They kept looking at the bike with the flashlight while talking to me, checked my ID cards, checked the inside of the trailer a bit and then left wishing me safe trip. That really was an interesting experience…


04:52 – Of course my idea of sleeping here was gone now. I don’t think is really legal to sleep in bus stations.

Ok. back on the road…

06:45 –  I’m finally in the french-speaking side of Belgium. It’s been so long since I was in a place where I can understand more than two words from the road signs, street ads or people speaking. You can’t imagine how relaxing that is!




06:50 – I am in, what I think is, the historic center of Liege and I was lucky enough to find free WiFi. This was my target for the 12 of July, so we could actually consider this the end of yesterday :))


I checked my e-mail, send some “I’m still alive” messages and then set my map for the next destination, in Luxembourg.


Oh, loved this „Boite aux Lettres”. Simply awesome. You got to love vintage!


07:55 – starting again, guided by Google maps. The weather is getting from bad to worse. I am getting by harder and harder because I am tired from last night. I’m now under a bridge, waiting for the weather to improve a bit so I can leave.



10:20 – lunch break in Esneux


11:27 – My first encounter with bike climbing on this trip… Yes, going uphill is harder when dragging a heavy trailer behind you 🙂




12:16 – The irony… after struggling to climb the slope on the bike, with many many breaks, I found a road sign: the place is called Hoyemont … as in High Mountain… really? That explains it! :)) Captain Obvious! (actually it is not a real translation, but it sounds like that to me 😀 )




12:30 – „S’il vous plait!” Asking for some water after climbing a very steep hill (20%) up until 370m altitude.

In serious need of a bathroom. I can manage with everything else, but finding a bathroom is the most difficult thing especially in Belgium because many bike lanes go through parks not forests… so one cannot just go… if you know what I mean :-s

13:14 – found a nice little castle / restaurant :). Thought about going in, but changed my mind soon after.


13:55 – still following Gmaps I ended up on a farm road, a road in a very bad shape, that was going uphill. Impossible to cycle on that terrain because the wheels kept slipping on the gravel, so I had to go by foot, dragging everything. Right when I got to the top of the hill a massive rain started. Since there was no place to get some shelter I took out the tarpaulin to covered me, the bike and the trailer and waited for the rain to pass.


15:00 – Food break in a bus station near Bosson Eglise. I love these covered, closed bus stations! The weather today was awful and on top of that I had to face the roads that Google was taking me on.



The problem with the weather was that the rain kept coming and going, with sunny breaks in between. It was of course pouring, not just a tiny summer rain. I was stopping every time on the side of the road, covering everything including myself with the tarpaulin, standing until the rain stopped and then start again. Because of that continuous movement of the tarpaulin on or off, I decided to put the solar panel on my backpack instead of the trailer, to cover it easier when the rain started.

19:28 – Houffalize – About time the road descended a bit … Nice view, right?


21:14 – Decided to take a different way from what Google had planned because the quality of the road was much better. 6 minutes later I was crossing the border to Luxembourg.
This was the first time I was going from one country to another on a proper asphalt road, and not through a forest :).
What I found amusing was the fact that with the change of the country there was also a change in the asphalt color and quality. It’s the first precisely marked border I crossed in this trip.



Therefore I took the chance to be in two places at once! (my left foot and my bike were in Louxembourg, while my right foot and the trailer were still in Belgium)


22:42 – Finding GC1AAY0 and enjoining the view over the city of Wiltz

23:10 – I am in Luxembourg… I passed the border and just found a cache next to Wiltz. Although all my struggle today was to get here, earlier I had a weird feeling like I have to return from where I came from, like I am just visiting this place and I have to go back, like I left/forgot something in Belgium. That could be because to get from here to France I will cross Belgium again (according to Google maps) so I will be “returning” to Belgium.


I am tired, dirty.. maybe stinky :)) . A shower and a bed would be divine! I am again in a bus station.. the first one I found since I left the cache site. On my way to Luxembourg I saw such nice bus stations, perfect for spending the night. This one is at the limit of being OK but not suitable for sleeping. Oh, and the wooden one was so nice… like a bed… but that was a long time ago, in Belgium 🙂


I wonder if there is any kind of nightlife in Wiltz where I am heading. It rains a bit. If it gets worst, I’ll just stay here, if not, I will just continue on and maybe find a better one. But first: I’m hungry 🙂


And since the clock shows the end of today, that’s the end of this post…


Why stay at home when the road is so beautiful?