Day 12 of my summer adventure. After finally getting some sleep in a warm bed, it was time to visit more of the surroundings.

So, early in the morning when Vlad and his wife left for work I left for a geocaching / sightseeing trip. Just went around their town a bit, then decided to follow the original plan: visit Eindhoven and search for the caches there. So this was another day off from my route 🙂 A break, if you wanna call it that

But first.. because it was near lunch time, I stopped again at the supermarket that I visited the day before. I just choose a simple and fast meal: cheeseburger and some croissants as dessert. Since I rushed into buying them, only when I started to eat I realized the croissants needed to be baked .. :)) Oh well… I just ate them like that 😀



11:51 – Lieshout. You know, it’s no fun to be in The Netherlands if you don’t get to see at least one classic windmill :D.



I always thought windmills had solid fixed sails. Now I found that in fact it is a wood grid-like shape on top of which a canvas is placed (generally speaking). By the amount of canvas spread you could control the rotation according to the wind speed. Of course, since nowadays the mill is just a museum, the canvas is removed so the wind passes without spinning it.


12:55 – Eindhoven, (free, guarded, underground, bike parking). LOVED IT!!


I was in front of PIAZZA, a kind of shopping center/mall … just kind of :D. The very first thing that caught my eye were the glass structures 🙂



Of course, the main reason I went to Piazza was to search for WiFi, of course 🙂 But since I was there, I looked around a bit and at the second floor I saw a nice sports gear shop. I don’t usually go into shops but this one had something that arose my interest: I saw a tent near a tree on a „mountain island”. That made me go inside and then I saw the amazing design of the shop!

It was actually a 2 stories store, but the first floor was full of clothes only and that is why I did not pay any attention to it when I was at that level. The „mountain” I was telling you about was from offering a view between the two levels, with a dummy climbing it.

Another interesting thing was the waterfall that accompanied the stairs between the two levels (yes, stairs inside the shop, not the main access way). And another dummy climbing this mountain 🙂

The whole second floor of the shop had an amazing design, with rocks and wood. Honestly, if you love the mountain this is the way to go shopping for gear!


After this small visit I went to search for some nearby caches and took some more photos on the way



15:00 – Visiting Media Markt a bit, since I couldn’t find the cache I was aiming for before)



…and again spending time around La Piazza (in the middle picture you can see the entrance to the underground bike parking)


16:41 – Lunch time…


…for me and for… others 🙂


18:55 – Japanese noodles. After meeting with Vlad and his wife, we went together to a Japanese restaurant and had some wonderful noodles.


After such a great meal we decided to go on different ways and meet at the house (they came here with the car and I was on my bike). Since my new friends still had some things to do in the city before getting home, I had the time to do some geocaching on the way back.

One of them was in a lovely bike passage/intersection… lower than the road level a perfect place for graffiti artists to express themselves:




Of course I took a picture with Venom since I’m Spider-Man I am a big Spider-Man fan 😀


20:00 – I was again in Lieshout, this time on a different side of the city, near a different windmill than the one seen this morning 🙂


Well, it seams Vlad won the competition as they arrived home before me. We had a nice evening in, tried to see if my gopro works with his battery (if you remember, my camera stopped working on Day 6) but without any luck!
Spent some time online, wrote a few things and went to sleep … Boy, this has been a long day!


Why stay at home when the road is so beautiful?