What isGBTE?

What is GBTE?

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There is no easy way to explain the feeling of being on the road, heading into the unknown, the feeling of freedom that you experience while bicycle touring. Or the accomplishment you get to experience when you reach the destination using only your muscles and will power. It’s something that not everybody gets to experience, so I am one of the lucky ones.

Through this tour I am hoping to inspire others to do the same, to show them that it can be done, that you should follow your dreams, that you can simply get on your bike one day and hit the road! At the same time I want more people to discover geocaching and to see just how well it combines with cycling and couchsurfing.

In case you need more reasons…. think about how cheap it is to go on bike. It’s almost free! You will never have to spend money on gas because you are the motor 😉 If you need to take a ferry, the rates will be definitely lower for a bike than a car. Sounds good, right? Everybody wants to spend as little as possible, because that way you can travel longer before exhausting your budget 😀

Geocaching while you travel is the best way to discover the world around you because you discover so many beautiful places and awesome people. Using a bike to go geocaching just feels right! After I discovered the game it just became natural to combine both geocaching and cycling as often as I possibly can!

Cycling is good for your mind and soul; it’s good for your entire body but also for the nature around you!

By cycling you travel at a much lower pace so you can truly enjoy the places you go through. You can relax and choose your own rhythm.

On the bike you are free to linger and stop wherever you want for a nice picture, a „WOW” sight and especially, for a geocache.

Can you stop a train to admire a nice building? Or can you get off the bus in the middle of nowhere just to take a picture? Can you stop your car in the middle of the road to get that nice cache?

No, but most likely you can just put the bike on the side of the road and go for it!



The trip starts from Odense, Denmark and I plan to cycle through Denmark – Germany – Netherlands – Belgium – France – UK – Andorra – Spain – Italy – San Marino – Slovenia – Croatia – Serbia – Bulgaria – Romania, and end up in my hometown: Roman, Romania.

Remember: if you live somewhere nearby my route, I would love to meet you. Just let me know.

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You wanna help?

You truly are an amazing person! Thank you very much!

Yes, anyone can help with as much or as little as they want. There will also be some cool rewards for those who do.